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Transparency and communication

News from the Courier team

To plug the information gap, an essential step in improving democratic accountability, the European Commission has set in train a new information and communication policy. This is intended to provide transparent and user-friendly information which meets demands and is geared towards clearly defined target audiences.

Within the Directorate-General for Development, the unit responsible for communication, to which the 'Courier' belongs, has been given the task of applying this policy.

The approach is designed to make European public opinion more aware about the situation and problems of developing countries, and about the importance of international cooperation in this sphere.

As far as information is concerned, we must ensure that there is greater awareness of European cooperation with developing countries, and that such cooperation is seen as an integral part of the policies of the European Union.

Moreover, communication is taking its place among the tools and factors of development, and this means that development programmes must increasingly be examined from the standpoint of communication.

This increase in the number of tasks has necessitated a redistribution of responsibilities among the Courier's editorial staff. Dominique David, the Editor, now becomes Director of Publications Simon Homer takes over the job of Editor while Roger De Backer becomes Production Manager. Lucien Pagni, the current Deputy Editor, is leaving the editorial team to coordinate development information policy.

The 'Courier' will, however, continue to be written by a multicultural team, which will avail itself of the services of a wide range of other writers in order to retain its objective and pluralist approach It will also continue at all times to strive to increase awareness of the ACP countries and of cooperation with the KU, and to stimulate consideration of development problems, while keeping its topicality

Dominique David