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close this bookSustainable Energy News - No. 31 - November 2000 - World's Largest Wind Cooperative - Higher Targets for Wind Power in Europe (INFORSE, 2000, 16 p.)
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Fuel for Change

World Bank Energy Policy, Rhetoric vs Reality


Edited by Ian Tellam

Burning Issues; The World Bank’s controversial energy policy; No shift to sustainable energy only rhetoric; The Bank vs. civil society; Which way forward?; Case studies of 15 countries written by local NGO organizations. Countries: Cameroon, Kenya, Zimbabwe, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay.

Info: Pb ISBN 1 85649 558 2, £14.95,
September 2000.
Info: ZED Books Ltd, 7 Cynthia Street
London N1 9JF UK. Ph: + 44-20
78378466, fax: +44-20-7833 3960,

Heavy Footprints

The World Bank Group & the Environment in Europe & Central Asia.


Edited by Ivona Malbasic and Jf Feiler, CEE Bankwatch Problems of the World Bank (WB) operations in the region on the environmental area. Although, the WB has changed over the last 20 years, and many of those changes have come in response to NGO campaigns, unsustainable projects are continuously approved and the core operations of the WB show little change. Among tides: Radioactive Loan; Shall not be Built; Trouble & Opportunity; Highway through Forests; Bypass through the Environment; Drilling the Sea; What Stinks? ISBN 963 0042061, 192 p., Sept. 2000. In English & Russian, Available in PDF and http on the web. Hardcopies: $ 6.

Info: CEE Bankwatch Network, Kratka
26, Praha 10000 Czech Republic
ph/fax: +420-2-781-6571

Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events


By P. Vellinga and W. J. van I Verseveld, University of Amsterdam, Institute for Environmental Studies.

Published by WWF. 46 pages, September 2000.

Global Warming and Terrestial Biodiversity Decline!


By Jay R. Malcolm University of Toronto and Adam Markham Clean Air-Cool Planet

Published by WWF 34 pages, August 2000.

Info: WWF Climate Change Campaign
att Jennifer Morgan, 1250 24th St NW,
Washington DC 20037-1175, USA.
Ph: +1 202 822 3455,
fax: +1 202 331 2391,
e-mail: climate,,

Renewable Energy on Small Islands


By Thomas Lynge Jensen, Island Project Coordinator Forum for Energy and Development(FED)

FED, Blegdamsvej 4 B, 1st Floor 2200
Copenhagen N Denmark.
Ph: +4535247713, fax: +45 35247717, e-mail:,
Available in PDF format (1.6 MB)
See also articleon page 6.




Official Bi-monthly Magazine of International Solar Energy Society (ISES), a global alliance of academics, business professionals and organizations.

Launch Issue in July/August 2000.
ISSN 1471 0846, 56 pages. Launch issue is gratis. Subscription in USA is $251/yr. Info: Elsevier Advanced Technology, The Boulevard, Langford Lane Kidlington, Oxon, 0X5 1GB, UK.
Ph: +44 1865 843648, fax: +44 1865 843971,

European ECO-Forum Newsletter

Issue 1 (7) September 2000.
See article on page no. 11.
Info: ECO-Accord, PO Box 43, 129090,
Moscow, Russian. Ph: +7 095 9246240,
fax: +7 095 9259282,


Humankind & Energy


Drawing by Alexander Avramenko Ukraine

The best 170 drawings of the 3000 participants of the Cartoon Competition “Humankind and Energy” arranged by the Goethe Institute for EXPO 2000, presented by IZE.

See article on page no.5 and drawings on page 2, 15, 16. 150 drawing can be seen on the web. The catalogue 250p. o/770 cartoons DM 24,80.

Info: IZE, Dr. Horst-A.Kukuck,
Stresemannallee 23, 60596 Frankfurt/Main, Germany,
Ph: +49 696304375, fax: +49 696304483