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Putting the germinated seeds in the nursery

The germinated seeds are planted in rows. In each row leave 40 centimetres between seeds. Leave 30 centimetres between the rows. Plant the seedlings (germinated seeds) in alternate spacing, as shown in the drawing on page 9. Make four rows in each nursery bed. Leave 60 centimetres between the nursery beds. After every four beds, leave a space of 1.20 metres.

Thus 1 hectare will contain 58 000 seedlings.

To make a plantation of 1 hectare, you have to plant 1 500 germinated seeds; that means two nursery beds, each 70 metres long.

When transplanting the seedlings, press the soil well down round the tap- root and the rootless, without damaging them.

Water the seedlings as soon as you have transplanted them.