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Looking after the nursery

You must hoe often to get rid of weeds, and to keep the soil moist.

In the dry season you must water rather often. But do not water in the middle of the day. Water in the morning or in the evening.
If the soil is not very fertile, you can give it fertilizer, as follows:

· The first time, 2 months after transplanting, give 150 kilogrammes of ammonium phosphate to each hectare and 75 kilogrammes of potassium chloride to each hectare. This means that for a bed of 70 square metres you need 1 kilogramme of ammonium phosphate and 0.5 kilogramme of potassium chloride.

· The second time, 5 months after transplanting, give the same amounts.

But you must get advice from technical officers, because different soils have different needs.

Ten months after transplanting to the nursery, take out the young plants that have not grown well.

When the young plants are between 12 and 15 months old, during the short rainy season, grafting must be done.

Grafting is a difficult job. You must pay great attention to it.