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close this bookBoiling Point No. 35 - March 1995 (ITDG - ITDG, 1995, 32 p.)
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How Much Can NGO’s Achieve

There are no doubt many thousands of Non Government Organizations (NGOs) working to promote development in or for the developing countries and they all have many common difficulties. In this issue Boiling Point reports the experiences and views of some of the stove and household energy NGOs which share these problems.

In the long run, many have one continuing problem - how to spread the benefit of their work to wider areas and more households. Some, but not many, have succeeded, some have given up and perhaps faded away but very many are asking which is the best way to 'expand'.

The NGO stove and household energy groups in Sri Lanka and Kenya have already achieved major impacts at a national level and may even be making themselves redundant. Smaller scale successes are reported here from rural West Kenya, from Senegal and from Nepal. The leading article analyses the problems of 'scaling up impacts' and in a later article, success in poverty alleviation is assessed through a series of case studies of projects. Although every situation is different, our readers may be able to find some ideas relevant to their programmes.