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Technical Enquiries to ITDG

If you have any technical enquiries, ITDG's Technical Enquiry Unit (TEU) should be able to help you. The TEU has extensive contacts within the UK and Europe, and can respond on a wide variety of topics. If your enquiries are about stoves or household energy, then our stove team can also help.

Please send all enquiries to:

The Technical Enquiry Unit
Intermediate Technology
Myson House
Railway Terrace
CV21 3HT

Tel: +44(0)1788 560631
Fax: +44 (0)1788 540270
Telex: 317466 ITDG G

Back Issues of Boiling Point

If you would like a copy of any back issues, please contact us. A detailed index of all Boiling Point articles is also available.

12 - Alternative Fuels
13 - Safer and Less Smoky Stove
14 - Kitchens, Pots and Cooking Practices
15 - Stove Progress in Kenya and Sri Lanka
16 - Muds, Clays and Metals for Stove Making
17 - Fault Finding and Fixing
18 - Stove Programmes in the 90s
19 - Stoves Will Not Sell Themselves
20 - Non-biomass Stoves
21 -Stoves, Energy and the Environment
22 - Other Uses for Stoves
23 - Measures of Success
24 - Solar Energy
25 - Funding for Stove Programmes
26 - Technology and Design Transfer
27 - Women, Woodfuel, Work and Welfare
28 - Biomass Combustion, Chimneys and Hoods
29 - Household Energy Developments in Southern and East Africa
30 - Sales and Subsidies
31 - Clays for Stoves
32 - Energy for the Household.
33 - Household Energy Developments in Asia
34 - Smoke Removal

Editorial and Production Team

Clare Heyting


Production Manager

Ian Grant



Peter Young


Technical Editor

Cornelia Sepp


Theme/GTZ Editor

Agnes Klingshirn


GTZ Representative


G B Adhikari, P M Bradley, E N Chidumayo, A A Eberhard, M Edwards, A Ellegard, I Grant, S H Hibajehe, D Hulme, E Hyman, G McGranahan, J Muriithi, M Niekisch, N T Phuong, A Purdey, R Riddell, M Robinson, J Singh

Contributions to Boiling Point

Contributions are invited for the next issue of Boiling Point, the theme of which will be:

BP36 - August 1995 - Solar cooking

Articles for BP36 should reach the Boiling Point office by 15th June 1995.

Contributions are welcome in the form of articles of not more than 2000 words, including line drawings, photographs, simple graphs, or illustrations, where appropriate. All correspondence should be addressed to Boiling Point, ITVG, Stoves and Household Energy Programme, Myson House, Railway Terrace, Rugby, CV21 3HT.

Boiling Point is the journal of the Intermediate Technology Development Group's Stove and Household Energy Programme (SHE) and the Household Energy Programme (HEP) of GTZ. It is printed on recycled paper by the RCS Printworks (affiliated to the Rugby Youth Promotion Programme).

Opinions expressed in contributory articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the ITDG SHE Programme.

© Intermediate Technology Development Group 1995.

Scaling up of NGO programmes

Intermediate Technology enables poor people In the Third World to develop and use technologies and methods which give them more control over their lives and which contribute to the long-term development Of their communities.

Intermediate Technology is a British charity mainly funded by the Overseas Development Administration.

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