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C. Warehouse Inventory Accounting at the Port

For warehouse inventory purposes, food arriving at a port is treated and accounted for in the same way as food arriving at a CARE warehouse. CARE or counterpart staff or a clearing and forwarding agent must prepare a receiving waybill to account for the arrival of food at the port, and prepare dispatch waybills to account for food moved directly from a ship to trucks or rail cars to CARE or counterpart warehouses or from port warehouses to CARE or counterpart warehouses.

Warehouse inventory ledgers must also be prepared for all transactions at the port. Waybills and Loss and Adjustments Reports must account for all food described on the Bill of Lading. These documents will all be forwarded to the country office and the information will be entered into the commodity financial accounting ledgers. Accurate documentation is essential. (See Food Receipt and Dispatch, Inventory Accounting and Reporting, and ALMIS #4496 Commodity Accounting Manual.)