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close this bookAgricultural Development and Vector-Borne Diseases (FAO - HABITAT - UNEP - WHO, 1996, 91 p.)
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View the documentC.1 Principal vector-borne diseases in relation to principal vector habitats.
View the documentC.2 The association between vectors, diseases and water
View the documentC.3 Main animal reservoirs of vector-borne diseases in humans
View the documentC.4 Snail habitats
View the documentC.5 The environment of freshwater snails
View the documentC.6 Food of freshwater, pulmonate snails
View the documentC.7 Snail habitats: a shallow well in the Gizan area of Saudi Arabia
View the documentC.8 Snail habitats: a concrete irrigation basin, Gizan area of Saudi Arabia
View the documentC.9 Snail habitats: drainage canal, Nakambala Sugar Estate, Zambia
View the documentC.10 Snail habitats: a burrow pit in the Kisumu area of western Kenya
View the documentC.11 Malaria vector species and their ecological requirements; a transsect of the Malaysian peninsula
View the documentC.12 Malaria vector habitats: coastal lagoons with brackish water (Anopheles sundaicus) in Malaysia
View the documentC.13 Malaria vector habitats: Anopheles balabacensis breeding places in temporary forest pools in Indonesia
View the documentC.14 Malaria vector habitats: Anopheles maculatus breeding places in rice growing areas in Nepal
View the documentC.15 Malaria vector habitats: irrigated rice fields, Office du Niger, in Mali, where a succession of species breeds
View the documentC.16 Malaria vector habitats: Anopheles gambiae breeding in exposed pools
View the documentC.17 Malaria vector habitats: Anopheles gambiae breeding rooftop tanks, Mauritius
View the documentC.18 Malaria vector habitats: Anopheles arabiensis breeding sites in desert areas
View the documentC.19 Natural habitat suited to the breeding of simuliid black flies
View the documentC.20 Landscape typifying sandfly habitat in South-West France
View the documentC.21 Landscape typifying sandfly habitat in central Kenya
View the documentC.22 Landscape typifying sandfly habitat in the arid, northern Kenya (termite mound)
View the documentC.23 Rodent burrow system as a sandfly habitat in Uzbekistan (Rhombomys colony)
View the documentC.24 Sandfly vector habitat in the domestic environment, Colombia