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close this bookAgricultural Development and Vector-Borne Diseases (FAO - HABITAT - UNEP - WHO, 1996, 91 p.)
close this folderTopic E: Land use, vegetation and crops
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View the documentE.1 View of a varied catchment topography and vegetation in the Philippines
View the documentE.2 Forest clearing in Thailand
View the documentE.3 Forest clearing and shifting cultivation in Thailand
View the documentE.4 Rice cultivation following deforestation
View the documentE.5 Shifting cultivation and upland rice in India
View the documentE.6 Shifting cultivation and upland rice in Thailand
View the documentE.7 Forest workers in South East Asia
View the documentE.8 Camp of collectors of Brazil nuts in the Amazon region
View the documentE.9 Cutting firewood near Penang, Malaysia
View the documentE.10 Collecting and transporting wood for the market, Ethiopia
View the documentE.11 Resin tapping in a pine forest, Viet Nam
View the documentE.12 Rubber plantation inter-cropped with pineapple, Thailand
View the documentE.13 Gum tapping in Indonesia
View the documentE.14 Coffee picking in Colombia
View the documentE.15 Coffee plantation shaded by figtrees, Ethiopia
View the documentE.16 Fodder collection in India
View the documentE.17 Coconuts and cattle in Western Samoa
View the documentE.18 Introducing forestry in areas in India with problems of waterlogging and salinity
View the documentE.19 Pioneer planting in a Brazilian forest with a risk of leishmaniasis transmission
View the documentE.20 A papaya plantation in Mauritania
View the documentE.21 Cassava production in Mozambique
View the documentE.22 Cassava production in Indonesia
View the documentE.23 Sugar cane field adjacent to rice paddy in Tamil Nadu, South India
View the documentE.24 Close up of sugar cane crop, Tamil Nadu, South India
View the documentE.25 Terraced rice fields in Nepal
View the documentE.26 Lowland irrigated rice in southern Asia
View the documentE.27 Rice field, bush and dwelling, Bali, Indonesia