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close this bookReproductive Health and Communication at the Grassroots - Experiences from Africa and Asia - Proceedings, 1997, Ethiopian Red Cross society training institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (IIRR, 1997, 292 p.)
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Conference resolution (men)

May 16, 1997


Communication messages should be developed by GOs, NGOs, CBDs and all the relevant agencies, preferably in close collaboration for consistency and effectiveness.

Messages on HIV/AIDS/STD should be suitable to the receiver-clear, specific and simple. Appropriate traditional and modern media channels should be utilized.

Messages should be focused more on attitude and behaviour change. It must be suitable and culturally-sensitive based on research.

Development of messages should involve the target audience. There is a need to explore and use other innovative and creative forms of community.

Emphasis should be given to sharing of information and experiences through networking. Impact assessment should be carried out and documented and the results utilised in future. Use of PWA should be voluntarily utilised for information giving.

Family planning and other reproductive health

Family planning (FP) messages and information should be integrated (service delivery and IEC). FP communication medium should involve all relevant channels using integrated approach.

Issue of sustainability should be addressed at all levels of message and medium identification. Relevant traditional medium of communication should be enhanced and, where possible, incorporated in the conventional medium.

All relevant agencies should come out strongly and advocate for relevant and effective communication medium and strategies aimed at eradication of harmful traditional practices, in particular, FGM and enhancement of beneficial traditional practices.

Targeting of messages and information should be for both sexes.