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Sustainable Energy Contacts 2001 - European Part

This is the European Part of the Annual INFORSE Worldwide Contact List of about 800 NGOs and institutions working with renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable energy development.

The other part of the Contact List (excl. Europe) was published in Sustainable Energy News no. 30, August, 2000.

Abbreviations used in the list: ass./assoc. - association, CAN - Climate Network Europe, CEE - Central and Eastern Europe, CNE - Climate Network Europe, dev. - development, edu. - education, env. - environment(al), EE - energy efficiency, FOE - Friends of the Earth, GO/gov. - governmental organization, int./int'l - international, INFORSE - International Network for Sustainable Energy, MO - member of, nat. - national, NGO - non governmental organization, NPP - nuclear power plant, org. -organization, prof. - professional, PV - photovoltaics, RE - renewable energy, R&D - Research & Development, sust. - sustainable, univ. - university, WISE - World Information Service for Energy.

Please check if the information about your group is correct. Proposals for other entries to the list are welcome!

Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE, February, 2001.

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Name of Organisation:




Contact Person(s)


Ph: .....................................................................................
Fax: ....................................................................................
E-mail: ................................................................................
Http: ...................................................................................

Description of Organisation:

[ ] NGO
[ ] Governmental
[ ] Education
[ ] Company

Return to: Sustainable Energy News, Gl. Kirkevej 56, 8530 Hjortshenmark. Fax: +45 86-22 7096, e-mail:


Albania-EU Energy Efficiency Centre

RE and EE.
PO Box 2426, Blvd. "Zhan D'Ark" No. 2, Tirana
Att. Edmond Hido, dr. eng. dir.
Ph: +355-4-233835
Fax: +355-4-233834

Albanian Ecological Club

Nat. NGO. Coop. with Nuclear Protection Society.
Core member of INFORSE.
Rr. Todi Shkurti, P. 13 Sh. 4 Ap 32, Tirana
Att. Ali Eltari
Ph: +355-4-373148
Fax: +355-4-373148

Armenia (CIS)

Armenia Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers

Str. Tigran Mets 29a, 52, Yerevan 375018
Att. Zohrab Malikyan, Dr. Prof.
Ph: +7-3742-540270
Fax: +7-3742-228040


NGO. Small NGO with expertise in solar, wind, hydro, energy savings.
MO: Eur. Small Hydropower Ass..
Core member of INFORSE.
53/22a Abovian St., Yerevan 375001
Att. Artashes Sarkissian
Ph: +7-3742 530331/529277
Fax: +7-3742 530331

Greens' Union of Armenia

47-13 Manikoniants str., 37051 Jerevan
Att. Hakab Sanasarian
Ph: +7-374 1 281411
Fax: +7-374 1 257634


Anti Atom International AAI

Umbrella org. of anti-nuclear NGOs in Austria and surrounding countries.
Volksgartenstr 1, 1010 Vienna
Att. Monika BrBR>Ph: +43-1-5229102
Fax: +43-1-5229103

Arbeitgemeinschaft Erneuerbare Energie AEE

NGO. Solar architecture, PV, biomass, transparent insulation, training, energetical building simulation design.
PO Box 142, Feldgasse 19,
8200 Gleisdorf
Att. Werner Weiss
Ph: +43-3112-5886
Fax: +43-3112-5886-18

Austrian Biomass Association

Neulerchenfelderstr. 11/18, 1160
Att. Johannes Schmidl
Ph: +43-1-533-0797/32
Fax: +43-1-5330797/90

Begegnungszentrum five Gewaltlosigkeit

Center for Encounter Active Non-violence. Newsletter in German.
Wolfgangerstr. 26, 4820 Bad Ischl
Att. Matthias Reichl
Ph: +43-6132-24590
Fax: +43-6132-24590

Coordination bureau of Austrian Environmental Organisations

Volksgarten str 1, 1010 Vienna
Att. Ulla K. Rasmussen
Ph: +43-1-524937714
Fax: +43-1-524937720

Gemeinsam Gegen Atomgefahren ARGE

Working Group Against Nuclear Danger
4171 St Peter/Wbg. 342
Att. Josef Per
Ph: +43-72827953
Fax: +43-6643085207

Global 2000 - Umweltschutzorganization

NGO. Mochovce Task Force campaign.
Flurschatzstr. 13,
1120 Vienna
Att. Manuela Krer, Oliver Butz
Ph: +43-1-8125730-0
Fax: +43-1-8125728

Greenpeace Austria

NGO. Report on Mochovce nuclear power plant together with Global 2000.
Siebenbrunnengasse 44,
1050 Vienna
Att. Andrea Eberl, Erwin Mayer
Ph: +43-1-5454580-19
Fax: +43-1-5454588

O. Energiesparverband

Upper Austrian Energy Efficiency Agency. Annual World Sustainable Energy Day.
Landstrasse 45, 4020 Linz
Att. Christine Schauer-Linz
Ph: +43-732-65844380
Fax: +43-732-65844383


NGO. Consulting. Solar, biomass, district heating.
Weiglgasse 19/26,
1150 Vienna
Att. G Schwler
Ph: +43-1-893-5577
Fax: +43-1-893-5577

Azerbaidzhan (CIS)

Green Movement of Azerbaidzhan

Injesenet (Zevin) Str. 4,
370005 Baku
Att. Aliyev Fagan Ganbar
Ph: +7-8922-949997
Fax: +7-8922-673381


Association for the Promotion of Renewable Energies APERE

Nat. NGO. Network. MO: EFRE.
Core member of INFORSE.
Rue Royale 171,
1210 Brussels
Att. Michel Huert
Ph: +32-2-2187899
Fax: +32-2-2192151

Brabant Ecologie

NGO. Publish 2 newsletters 11 times a year in French: 'Tam-Tam', 'Le Consommateur Actif'
Core member of INFORSE.
Route de Renipont 33, 1380 Ohain
Att. Christian Jacques
Ph: +32-2-6331048
Fax: +32-2-6331048

Climate Network - Europe CNE

Common office for 26 NGO in Europe.
44 rue de Taciturne, 1000 Bruxelles
Att. Karla Schoeters
Ph: +32-2-2310180
Fax: +32-2-2305713

COGEN-Europe, European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration

98 Rue Gulledelle, 1200 Brussels
Att. Simon Minett, dir.
Ph: +32-2-772-8290
Fax: +32-2-772-5044

Collectif d'anges pour la Technologie Appropri-asbl. COTA

Network for appropriate technology. NGO. Publish quarterly periodical "Les Echos du Cota", consultancy, library and publication center.
Rue de la Revolution 7, 1000 Bruxelles
Att. Delphine Huybrecht
Ph: +32-2-2181896
Fax: +32-2-2231495

Environmental Library, Bond Beter Leefmilieu BBL

Org. for a better life. Federation of the Flemish environmental movement.
Tweekerkenstraat 47, 1000 Brussel
Att. Martine Langen
Ph: +32-2-2821738
Fax: +32-2-2305389

European Biomass Association AEBIOM

place Croix du Sud 2, Bte 11, 1348
Louvain la Neuve
Att. Kent NystrChairmann)
Ph: +32-10 473455
Fax: +32-10473455

European Environmental Bureau EEB

Int. NGO. Federation of 136 European env. citizens' organisations. Mostly national umbrella org. Lobby EU.
34, Boulevard de Waterloo,
1000 Brussels
Att. John Hontelez
Ph: +32-2-2891090
Fax: +32-2-2891099

European Photovoltaic Industry Association EPIA

Boite No. 14, Avenue Charles Quint
M.A., 1080 Brussels
Att. Murray Cameron,
Franziska Baum
Ph: +32-02-4659162
Fax: +32-02-4682430

European Renewable Energy Centers Agency EUREC

Assoc. of 40 RD&D Centers in the EU.
Publish newsletter in English.
26, rue du Trone, 1040 Brussels
Att. Katja Birnmeier
Ph: +32-2-5138310
Fax: +32-2-5029284

European Renewable Energy Federation EREF

Federation for European Associations of Renewable Energy Generators
Av. de la Fauconnerie 73, 1170 Bruxelles
Att. D Fouquet
Ph: +32-2-672 4367
Fax: +32-2-672 7016

European Wind Energy Association EWEA

26 rue du Trone, 1000 Brussels
Att. Vicky Pollard
Ph: +32-2 546 1940
Fax: +32-2 546 1944

Friends of the Earth, European Office FOE-Europe

EU/European Policy Coordination
29 rue Blanche, 1060 Brussels
Ph: +32-2-542-0184
Fax: +32-2-537-5596

Globe Europe Network Globe EU

Global legislators for a balanced env.
50 rue du Taciturne, 1040 Bruxelles
Ph: +32-2-2306589
Fax: +32-2-2309530

Greenpeace Belgium

Vooruitgangstraat 317, Rue du Progres,
1030 Bruxelles
Att. Jan Vande Putte
Ph: +32-2-2011944
Fax: +32-2-2011950

Humanity CD-ROM project

Publish CD-ROMs. "Sustainable Development & Basic Human Needs"
c/o HumanINFO NGO,
Oosterveldlaan 196, 2610 Antwerpen
Att. Michel Loots
Ph: +32-3-4480554
Fax: +32-3-4497574

International Cogeneration Alliance ICA

rue Gulledele 98, 1200 Brussels
Att. Michael Brown
Ph: +32-27722611
Fax: +32-27722508

Les Compagnons d'Eole ASBL

Friends of the Wind Mills.
39, Chemin de la Dime, 1325 Corroy le Grand
Att. Antoine Ide, president
Ph: +32-10-680412
Fax: +32-10-680412

Org. voor Duurzame Energie Vlaanderen ODE

Flemish Org. for Renewable Energy.
Local. NGO.
Blijde Inkomststr. 46, 3000 Leuven
Att. Jo Neyens
Ph: +32-16-235251
Fax: +32-16-235251


Study center env. energy.
Kleine Kauwenberg 12, 2000 Antwerp
Att. Aviel Verbruggen Dr.
Ph: +32-3-220-4900
Fax: +32-3-220-4901

World Wildlife Fund European Policy Office, Climate and Energy Policy Unit WWF-E

Ave. de Tervuren 36, 1040 Bruxelles
Att. Stephan Singer, Liam Salter
Ph: +32-2-743-8800
Fax: +32-2-743-8819
e-mail:, lsalter@wwfepo


Association Sustainable Energy, Bulgaria ASE-Bg

23a Lulyakova gradina str., Sofia 1113
Att. Rossen Savov

Borrowed Nature Association

Nat. NGO.
20B Al. Stambolijski Blvd., 1000 Sofia
Att. Kliment Mindjov
Ph: +359-2-986-4574
Fax: +359-2-986-4574

Central Laboratory of Solar Energy & New Energy Sources

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
Tzarigradsko chaussee 72, 1784 Sofia
Att. Petko Vitanov, dr
Ph: +359-2-778448
Fax: +359-2-754016

National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology

NGO. Associate member of INFORSE.
Bldvd Tzarigradsko shousee 66, 1784
Att. Peter T. Ivanov
Ph: +359-2-9753986
Fax: +359-2-9884494

Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development PECSD

NGO. Env. edu., paper recycling program, library, video resource center.
PO Box 79, Varna 9010
Att. Iliyan Iliev
Ph: +359-52-306423
Fax: +359-52-306423

Technical University of Varna

RE edu. Bulgarian section of Eurosolar.
Studentska str. No. 1, 9010 Varna
Att. Venelin G. Pavlov
Ph: +359-52 251619/52 302442
Fax: +359-52 251619

Za Zemiata

For the Earth. RE, EE, Member of Int. Energy Brigades, Campaign against Belene & Kozlodvy NPPs. CEE Bankwatch network coordinator.
PO Box 975, 1000 Sofia
Att. Alexandra Yotsova
Ph: +359-2-963 3125
Fax: +359-2-963 3125

Byelorussia (CIS)


Nat. NGO. Sust. energy info service.
Associate member of INFORSE.
PO Box. 6, 212011 Mogilev
Att. Leonid Plotkin
Ph: +375-222-317026

Belaja Rus

Youth Ecological Movement. Publishes
Green News newsletter. WISE-Minsk.
Core member of INFORSE.
PB 65, Scaruna Av. 65, 220027 Minsk
Att. Natasha Petrushkevich
Ph: +375-17 2313052
Fax: +375-17 2313049

Belorussian Division of Int'll Academy of Ecology BD-IAE

NGO. Alt strategy of sust. dev., RE, green social housing.
Core member of INFORSE.
Varvasheny Str., 81-507,
Minsk 220002
Att. Evgeny Shirokov, dr.
Ph: +375-17-2832511
Fax: +375-17-2349783


Nat. NGO. Env. edu, sust. lifestyle, architecture. MO: No answer 99.
F. Skariny Ave. 76-18, 220012 Minsk
Att. Irina Soukhi
Ph: +375-17-2661652
Fax: +375-17-2661652

Int. Sakharov Environmental University ISIR

Edu. RE, EE, demo solar thermal, PV.
23 Dolgobrodskaya Str, 220009 Minsk
Att. Siarhei A. Zenchanka
Ph: +375-17-2384135
Fax: +375-17-2306897/-2306888

Vitebsk Foundation of Youth

Local. NGO. Int. youth voluntary camp, youth exchange, eco seminars.
Post box 75, 210029 Vitebsk
Att. Eugene Weiler
Ph: +375-212-373163
Fax: +375-212-377422


Zelena Akcija Zagreb ZAZ

Green Action Zagreb, Energy Group.
NGO. CAN Central & Eastern Europe.
Core member of INFORSE.
Radnicka cesta 22/1, Zagreb 41000
Att. Toni Vidan
Ph: +385-16110951/-98385650 (mobil)
Fax: +385-1331362


International Eco-peace Village

Training, resolution of conflicts, esp. women and young people.
PO Box 25, 7743 Psematismenos
Att. Roger Kelly
Ph: +357-4-333312.
Fax: +357-4-333141

Czech Rep.

Czech Energy Agency CEA

GO. EE, promotion, training.
Vinohradska 8, 12000 Praha 2
Att. Irena Ruzicikova
Ph: +420-2-24217774, 24217718
Fax: +420-2-24217701


RE & EE Center. NGO. production, buildings, consultancy.
Bubensk, 170 00 Praha 7
Att. Jiri Beranovsky
Ph: +420-2-66710247
Fax: +420-2-66710248

Energy Efficiency Program/CEE Bankwatch

NGO. Support for Czech NGOs transport, climate issues. Coordinator
MDB Energy Bankwatch network.
Core member of INFORSE.
Kratka 26, 100 00, Praha 10
Att. Petr Hlobil
Ph: +420-2-781-6571
Fax: +420-2-781-6571

Environmental Management Services ARDA

Nad Obci II c 50, 149 00 Prague 4
Att. Ludek Pravda, Mr.
Ph: +420-2-61262024
Fax: +420-2-61261024

Hnuti DUHA WISE-Brno

Rainbow Movement. NGO. Campaigns, alternatives to nuclear power.
Clean Energy Brigades.
Bratislavska 31, 602 00 Brno
Att. Jan Berk
Ph: +420-5-45213802, 45214431
Fax: +420-5-45214429
e-mail:, jan.beranek@hnutiduha

Hnuti DUHA, Prague/CEE Bankwatch National Coord. FOE

Lublanska 18, 120 00 Praha 2
Att. Pavel Pribyl
Ph: +420-2-22513859/-22514759
Fax: +420-2-22518319

Jihoceske Matky

South-Bohemian Mothers. Anti nuclear NGO in South Bohemia.
Krajinska 42, 37001 C. Budejovice
Att. Dana Kuchtova, Vera Srdecna
Ph: +420-38-27091
Fax: +420-38-53137

Nadace Partnerstvi

Environmental Partnership.
Panska 7, 60200 Brno
Att. Tomas Ruzicka

SEVEn, Energy Efficiency Center

Foundation. Publish News in Czech, English. EE. strategies, planning
Slezska 7, 120 29 Praha 2
Att. Jaroslav Marousek
Ph: +420-2-24247552/24252115
Fax: +420-2-24247597


Aalborg University AUC

Univ. National and local energy planning, energy system analysis.
Department of Dev. and Planning,
Fibigerstr 13, 9220 Aalborg
Att. Frede Hvelplund, Henrik Lund
Ph: +45-9635-8380/8309
Fax: +45-9815-6541

Arbejderbevlsens Internationale Forum AIF

Labour Movement's Int'l Forum.
Nyropsgade 14, 1, 1602 Kavn V
Att. Peter Palsh>Ph: +45-3369-1140
Fax: +45-3369-1141

Collaboration Centre on Energy and Environment UNEP

Int. GO. Publish newsletter. Promote and fasciliate env. conscious energy planning in dev. countries.
Risional Laboratory,
P.O. Box 49, 4000 Roskilde
Att. John Christensen
Ph: +45-4632 2288
Fax: +45-4632 1999

Danish Board of District Heating

Publish quarterly a news in English.
Gregersensvej, Indgang 3, 2630
Att. Lars Gullev
Ph: +45-43 550888
Fax: +45-43 550889

Danish Energy Agency

Nat. GO.
Amaliegade 44, 1256 Kavn K
Att. Tove Ilum Nielsen, library
Ph: +45-3392 6700
Fax: +45-3311 4743

Danish Mission Council Development Department

Sankt Lukasvej 13, 2900 Hellerup
Att. Hanne Graulund
Ph: +45-39612777
Fax: +45-39401954

Danish Org. for Renewable Energy-Europe, OVE-Europe Sustainable Energy News
INFORSE Regional Coordinator.

Editorial office of Sustainable Energy News, newsletter of INFORSE.
MO: FED, Climate Network Europe.
Gl Kirkevej 56, 8530 Hjortsh>Att. Gunnar Boye Olesen
Ph: +45-86 22 70 00
Fax: +45-86 22 70 96

- OVE - Main Office:
Dannebrogsgade 8 A,
8000 Aarhus C
Att. Ejvin Beuse
Ph: +45-86760444
Fax: +45-86760544

Danish Technological Institute

P.O. Box 141, 2630 Trup
Ph: +45-4399 6065
Fax: +45-4399 1799

Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association

Nat. Publication: Vindformation.
Vester Voldgade 106,
1552 Copenhagen V
Att. SKrohn
Ph: +45-33730330
Fax: +45-33730333

Danmarks Naturfredningsforening DN

Danish Nature Conservation Association. Nat. NGO.
Masned 20, 2100 Copenhagen K
Att. Lone Johnsen, director
Ph: +45-3917 4000
Fax: +45-3917 4141

Danmarks Vindmorening

Danish Wind Power Association. NGO
Egensevej 24, 4840 NAlslev
Ph: +45-5443-1322
Fax: +45-5443-1202

Energy Centre Denmark

RE, EE, participates in OPET network.
PO Box 141, Gregersensvej, 2630
Att. Nils Daugaard
Ph: +45-72202440
Fax: +45-72202449

Energy Information Centre

Energi Oplysningen, Teknikerbyen 45,
2830 Virum
Att. Christine Pedersen
Ph: +45-70218010/70218014
Fax: +45-70218011

Energy Planning Group, Dept. of Buildings and Energy

Nat. Univ. Energy, env. planning, energy savings, scenarios, RE, low energy house-hold appliances.
DTU, Technical University of Denmark, Building 118, 2800 Lyngby
Att. Niels I. Meyer, J Nd
Ph: +45-45-934477
Fax: +45-45-934430

European Environment Agency EEA

Kongens Nytorv 6, st,
1050 Copenhagen K
Ph: +45-3336 7100
Fax: +45-3336 7199

Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

Promotion, dev. of RE, advice industry, info, edu. Test facilities. MO: FED.
Core member of INFORSE.
Kammersgaardsvej 16, Sdr. Ydby,
7760 Hurup, Thy
Att. Preben Maegaard
Ph: +45-97-956600
Fax: +45-97-956565

Forum for Energi og Udvikling FEU/FED

Forum for Energy and Development.

Network of Danish energy & development NGOs.
INFORSE Secretariat.
Blegdamsvej 4 B 1. sal, 2200
Copenhagen N
Att. Michael Kvetny, Susanne Backer
Ph: +45-35247700
Fax: +45-35247717

Global Eco-village Network - Int. Secretariat GEN-int.

Sust. lifestyles.
Skodsborgvej 189, 5850 Naerum
Att. Philip Snyder
Ph: +45-45560130
Fax: +45-45566030

Greenpeace Nordic/Copenhagen

Climate, energy, nuclear campaign.
Bredgade 20 A, 4, 1260 Copenhagen K
Att. Tarjei Haaland
Ph: +45-3393 8660
Fax: +45-3393 5399


NGO. Development org. MO: FED.
Nrogade 68 B, 2,
2200 Copenhagen N.
Att. Steffen Rasmussen
Ph: +45-35358788
Fax: +45-35350696

Idevstedet De Frie Fugle

Idea Workshop - Free Birds. Local. NGO. Foundation. City Ecology, Ecological Tourism.
Borgergade 14, 5, 1300 Copenhagen K
Att. Jens Erik Larsen
Ph: +45-33111175
Fax: +45-33117512

International Network for Sustainable Energy - INFORSE Secretariat

Int. NGO. Network of 200 NGOs.
Publishes Sustainable Energy News and list of 800 contacts.
Blegdamsvej 4B, 1. sal,
2200 Copenhagen N
Att. Michael Kvetny, Susanne Backer
Ph: +45-35247700
Fax: +45-35247717

ISES - Denmark

Made 54, 6400 Sborg
Att. Torben Esbensen
Ph: +45-7342-3100
Fax: +45-7342-3101

Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke MS

Danish Assoc. for Int'l Cooperation.
NGO. Dev., umbrella org. MO: FED.
Borgergade 14, 1300 Copenhagen K
Att. Bj Berit Asmussen
Ph: +45-3332-6244/77310006
Fax: +45-77310111

Natur og Ungdom

Nature and Youth. NGO. Youth org. of the Danish Society for Nature Conservation. Member of YEE.
RosenAll5, 1, 1970
Att. Bent Nikolajsen
Ph: +45-3524 5600
Fax: +45-3524 5601

NOAH, FOE Denmark

Energy Working Group.
Core member of INFORSE.
Nrogade 39,,
2200 Copenhagen N
Att. Kim Ejlertsen
Ph: +45-35361212
Fax: +45-35361217

Samvirkende Energi og Miljorer SEK

Assoc. of Energy & Env. Offices

Nat. NGO. 25 local energy offices, which gives advice on RE, EE.
Connected with OVE. MO: FED.
Preislers Plads, 8800 Viborg
Att. Carsten Plejdrup
Ph: +45-87-252170
Fax: +45-87-252165

Test Station for Wind Turbines

Risional Laboratory, P.O. Box 49,
4000 Roskilde
Att. Per V
Ph: +45-46774677
Fax: +45-4677-5083

Windpower Monthly Magazine

Havvej 32, Vrinners Hoved 8420 Knebel
Att. Bill Canter
Ph: +45-86-365900
Fax: +45-86-365626



Consulting, training.
R51 A, 80010 Pu
Att. Uno Jer
Ph: +372-44-71012
Fax: +372-44-71001

Re-En Center TAASEN

NGO. RE, info, dev., wind atlas.
Core member of INFORSE.
3 Tuse, Tallinn EE0004
Att. Tonu Lausmaa
Ph: +372-6-726690/-413402
Fax: +372-6-726690

Tallinn Technical University

Plan Wind Research Center.
Thermal Engineering Department,
Kopli 116, Tallinn
Att. Vello Selg, Anatoli Jegorov
Ph: +372-620-3907/-3900
Fax: +372-620-3901

Virtsu Society for Nature Education

NGO. Research, info.
Matsalu Nature Reserve; Laelatu Dept., Lahee tee 7, 3195 Virtsu
Att. Peeter Vissak
Ph: +372-50-40862
Fax: +372-52-40862


New Energy Methods and Options NEMO

Impact of RE in Finland.
Helsinki University of Technology, Otakaari 3, 02150 Espoo
Att. Peter Lund, Prof.
Ph: +358-9-4513218
Fax: +358-9-4513195

Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitto

Finnish Assoc. Nature Conservation.
Nat. NGO. Campaign for sust. energy future.
Library, Kotkankatu 9, 00510 Helsinki
Att. Sirkka Tepponen
Ph: +358-9-228081
Fax: +358-9-22808200

Technology for Life

NGO. Promote soft technology, engineering ethics.
Associate member of INFORSE.
Kauppakatu 12 A 1, 40100 JyvylR>Att. Ari Lampinen
Ph: +358-14-260-4174
Fax: +358-14-260-2321

Vindkraftfingen RF

Finnish Wind Energy Association. Nat.
NGO. Disseminate info in the coastal part of Finland. Publishes Swedish periodical: Vind.
P.O. Box 124, 65101 Vasa
Att. Herbert Byholm, chairman
Ph: +358-0500-862886
Fax: +358-(018)-3128882


Agence de l'Environment et de la Maitrise de l'Energie ADEME

Int'l Affairs Dept., 27, rue Louis Vicat, 75737 Paris, Cedex 15
Att. Dominique Campana, Mrs.
Ph: +33-1-47-652007
Fax: +33-1-47-652229

Climate Action Network France CAN-France

2B rue Jules Ferry, 93100 Montreuil
Att. Sylvain Godinot
Ph: +33-1-48588392
Fax: +33-1-48519512

Comite Liasion Energies Renouvelables CLER

Nat. NGO. RE. Coordination of 60 regional/local assoc.
Core member of INFORSE.
28 rue Jules Ferry, 93100 Montreuil
Att. Christophe Mongredien
Ph: +33-1-55868000
Fax: +33-1-55868001

Debat sur l'Energie et les Tensions Environnementales DETENTE

5 rue Buot, 75013 Paris
Att. Alain Dorange, Olivier Finet
Ph: +33-01 5380 0851
Fax: +33-01 4589 7357

Enerplan - Syfasol

NGO. Org. of Solar professionals.
Centre Solaire, Ch. Ferrage, 83330 Le Castellet
Att. Richard Loyen
Ph: +33-494-327008
Fax: +33-494-327140


Company, measurements of energy consumptions, DSM, EE buildings.
26160 Felines sur Rimandoule
Att. Olivier Sidler
Ph: +33-475-901854
Fax: +33-475-901854

Fondation Energies pour le Monde

NGO. Financing, implement RE.
Publish "Systs Solaires".
146 rue de L'Universite, 75007 Paris
Att. Yves Maigne, Fabienne Kahrat
Ph: +33-1-44180080
Fax: +33-1-44180036

Groupe Energies Renouvelables et Environnment GERES

Main activities in mediterranean borderlands, Africa and Asia. MO: CLER.
Core member of INFORSE.
2, cours Marechal Foch, 13400
Att. Alain Guinebault
Ph: +33-4-42 185588
Fax: +33-4-42 030156

HELIO International

NGO. Analyses energy policies, surveys int. treaties. Climate, Rio+10
Core member of INFORSE.
56, rue de Passy, 75016 Paris
Att. Helene Connor, dr.
Ph: +33-1-42245148
Fax: +33-1-42248633

Institute d'Evaluation des Strategies sur l'Energie et l'Environment INESTENE

Research, energy, transport, env.
Resource center for NGOs.
5 rue Buot, Paris 75013
Att. Antoine Bonduelle
Ph: +33-1-45650808
Fax: +33-1-45897357

International Energy Agency IEA

9 rue de la Federation, 75739 Paris
Cedex 15 Att. Sue Adams
Ph: +33-1-40576554
Fax: +33-1-40576559

Permaculture Pyrenees, Las Encantadas

NGO. Agroecological research, practice and technology. Organise land purchase for eco-village in Pyrenees.
BP 217, 11306 Limoux
Att. Emilia Hazelip
Ph: +33-4-68315111
Fax: +33-4-68315111

Relations Nord-Sud

Core member of INFORSE.
64 ter rue du Vieux Port, 69540 Irigny
Att. Dominique GrouBR>Ph: +33-4-78519023
Fax: +33-4-78519023


NGO. Solar energy biogas in agriculture. Publish 'Les nouvelles de Solagro' in French.
219 avenue de Muret, 31300 Toulouse
Att. Isabelle Meiffren
Ph: +33-561-595616
Fax: +33-561-599841

Terra Vivante

Living Earth.
Domaine de Raud, 38710 Mens
Ph: +33-4-76348080
Fax: +33-4-76348402

Georgia (CIS)

Georgia Green Movements, FOE Energy Brigades

NGO. Core member of INFORSE.
Mushtaidi Park, Aghmashenebeli Ave 182, Tblisi 380012
Att. Levan Tavarkiladze
Ph: +995-32-952033/-354751/-351914
Fax: +995-32-351674


Arbeitsgemeinschaft ologischer Forschungsinstitute AG

NGO. Coop. of independent institutes.
Energy, chemical indoor air pollution, eco-materials, low energy housing.
Energie- und Umweltzentrum, 31832
Springe - Eldagsen
Att. Marlies Ante-Traupe
Ph: +49-5044-97575
Fax: +49-5044-97577


Centre for Appropriate Technology & Development Cooperation

Int. NGO. "Power-Park", int. training center for RE, sust. housing, guesthouse.
Core member of INFORSE.
Bremsbergallee 35, 24960 Glrg
Att. Werner Kiwitt
Ph: +49-4631-6116-0/33
Fax: +49-4631-6116-28

Baltic Sea Project

Publish newsletter in English.
Ministry of Edu. Science Sch.-Holstein,
Brunswiker Str 16-22, 24105 Kiel
Att. Ute Grldt, Mrs
Ph: +49-431-9882473
Fax: +49-431-9885890

Bund der Energieverbraucher

Nat. NGO. Quarterly journal: Energie Depesche, Ph solar Project: Low-cost solar thermal, also do it yourself.
Rheinstr 8, 53619 Rheinbreitbach
Att. Aribert Peters, Dr
Ph: +49-2224-92270
Fax: +49-2224-10321

BUND Federal Office

FOE Germany. NGO.
German nature conservation, environment protection association.
Am Kischen Park 1, 10179 Berlin
Att. Mathias Seiche Ph: +49-30-275864-0

BUND FOE Germany working party on energy

Nat. Int. NGO. Energy policy, RE, anti-nuclear, tax, employment, exhibition, efficiency, municipal, climate.
Weiherweg 4 B, 79194 Freiburg
Att. Georg L, Dr
Fax: +49-761-5950262

Bundesverband Wind Energie e.V. BWE

German Wind Energy Association.
Quarterly magazine: "New Energy", monthly magazine "Neue Energie".
Herrenteichsstr. 1, 49074 Osnabr>Ph: 449-541-350600
Fax: 449-541-3506030

Br Energie und Umwelt

Consulting. MO: AG.
Franziusstr. 8-14, 60314 Frankfurt 1
Att. Alec von Fersen
Ph: 449-6949-40966
Fax: 449-6949-50655

Climate Alliance

Int. NGO. GO. European secretariat.
800 municipalities.
Galvanistr. 28, 60486 Frankfurt am Main
Att. Gotelind Alber, Ms.
Ph: +49-69-70790083
Fax: +49-69-703927

Deutsche Gesellschaft fhnisches Zusammenarbeit Gmbh. GTZ-GATE

German Appropriate Technology Exchange
Int. GO. Univ. Quarterly magazine in English: GATE
Associate member of INFORSE.
PO Box 5180, 65726 Eschborn
Att. Carste Hellpap, Uta Gottschalk
Ph: +49-6196-793094
Fax: +49-6196-797352,

Deutscher Naturschutzring, Aussenstelle Berlin, EU Koordination DNR

German Nature Protection Circle.
c/o Graus Berlin, Prenzlauer
Allee 230, 10405 Berlin
Att. Anja K, Nika Greger
Ph: +49-30-44-339139/-339140
Fax: +49-30-44-339133

Energie & Management

Wartaweil 77, 82211 Hersching
Att. Helmut Sendner
Ph: +49-8152-9311-0
Fax: +49-8152-9311-22

Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister EUZ

Energy and Environmental Centre.
NGO. Energy savings, RE. Seminar house, engineering dep. Centre for Solar Energy. MO: AG.
Core member of INFORSE.
31832 Springe - Eldagsen
Att. Ferdinand von Weymarn
Ph: +49-5044-975 - 0
Fax: +49-5044-975 - 66

Energieberatungzentrum GmbH

NGO. Univ. Consulting vocational edu, sale of energy equipm. RE EE.
Serstr. 3A, 34587 Felsberg
Att. G Hl, Dr.
Ph: +49-5662-9497-30
Fax: +49-5662-9497-49

Energy, Environment & Development EED

NGO. Board of ENERGIA.
Breibacherweg 104, 515115 KBR>Att. Elizabeth Cecelski
Ph: +49-2268901200
Fax: +49-2268901202

Environmental Policy Research Unit, Freie UniversitBerlin FFU

Consulting, publications.
Ihnestr. 22, 14195 Berlin
Att. Lutz Mez
Ph: +49-30-838 55585
Fax: +49-30-838 56685

European DataBank Sustainable Development, Inst. for Sust. Dev.

On-line databank. Coop with Int. Network of Engineers, Scientists for Global Responsibility.
Gutenbergstr 31, 44139 Dortmund
Att. Heino Thiele
Ph: +49-231 57 51 71
Fax: +49-231 57 51 68


European Solar Energy Association. Nat. Int. NGO.
Kaiser-Friedrich-str. 11, 53113 Bonn
Att. Hermann Scheer
Ph: +49-2-28-362373
Fax: +49-2-28-361279

Fachverband Biogas e.V.

Associate member of INFORSE.
Am Feuersee 8, 74592 Kirchberg/Jagst
Att. M. Ker
Ph: +49-7954 1270
Fax: +49-7954 1263

Flensborg Energy & Env. Office

Wallsbg 6a, 24983 Handewitt
Att. Michael Muerkr
Ph: +49-161-5406862
Fax: +45-74762702

Frgesellschaft fepasste Techniken in der Dritten Welt Gmbh. FAKT gGmbh

Consulting RE, training, project planning & management, capacity building in local level.
Associate member of INFORSE.
Gaensheide str. 43, 70184 Stuttgart
Att. Carlos Zarate
Ph: +49-7723-912063
Fax: +49-7723-5373

Gemeinsam Wohnen - ologisch Handeln

Ecological Housing. ECO-house project, solar seasonal storage.
Core member of INFORSE.
Wohnhof Braamwisch, Braamwisch 10, 22175 Hamburg
Att. Ursel Beckmann
Ph: +49-40-64089339
Fax: +49-40-6937016

Germanwatch e.V

Lobby org. for sust., North-South, climate change, world trade.
Kaiserstr. 201, 53111 Bonn
Att. Christoph Bals
Ph: +49-228-60492-17
Fax: +49-228-60492-19

Gesellschaft fycling von Energie und Abfall mbH REA

Nat. NGO. Research, consultancy.
Biogas, compost, district heating. MO: AG.
Rottmannstr. 18 Rgb. 80333 M 2
Att. Hans KBR>Ph: +49-89-522019
Fax: +49-89-5232329

Greenpeace Germany

RE, liberalisation of elmarket, RE IPPs for SE Asia.
Energy Unit, Grosse Elbstrasse 39,
22767 Hamburg
Att. Sven Teske
Ph: +49-40-30618304
Fax: +49-40-30618167

Heinrich BStiftung

Desk of Ecology & Sust Development,
Rosenthaler str. 40/41, 10178 Berlin
Att. JHaas
Ph: +49-3028534-187
Fax: +49-3028534-108

Institut frgie und Umweltforschung IFEU

Nat. NGO. Research & consulting on energy efficiency. (technic, organization, motivation)
Wilckensstr. 3, 69120 Heidelberg
Att. Markus Duscha
Ph: +49-6221-4767-0
Fax: +49-6221-4767-19

International Solar Energy Society ISES

Int. NGO. R&D.
Villa Tannaheim, Weisental strasse 50,
79115 Freiburg
Att. Burkhard Holder
Ph: +49-761-45906-0
Fax: +49-761-4590699

ISES - Germany, Deutsche Gesellschaft fnenergie e.V. DGS

Augustenstr. 79, 80333 M
Att. Sigrid Jannsen
Ph: +49-89-524071
Fax: +49-89-521668

Natur und Technik e.V.

Energy & ecological consulting, training, solar energy.
Wulfsdorfer Weg 33, 22949
Att. Ingrid Dieck
Ph: +49-4060-50029
Fax: +49-4060-50029

Netzwerk Dezentrale Energie Nutzung e.V. DEN

Network for Decentralised Energy.
Max-Eyth-Allee 22-24, 14469
Att. Ulrich Jochimsen
Ph: +49-17 55330002/-331500031
Fax: +49-461-582193

o-Institut Darmstadt

Institute for Applied Ecology. NGO.
R&D. Env. impact of energy systems.
Energy Division, Elisabethenstrasse 55-57, 64283 Darmstadt
Att. Uwe Fritsche
Ph: +49-6151-81910
Fax: +49-6151-819133

o-Institut Freiburg

Int. NGO. Univ. Energy analysis.
Quarterly Journal in German.
Applied Ecology Energy Climate
Division, Postfach 6226, 79038
Att. Christof Timpe
Ph: +49-761-45295-0
Fax: +49-761-475437

Passivehouse Institute

Rheinstrasse 44/46, 64283 Darmstadt
Att. Wolfgang Feist, dr.
Ph: +49-6151-82699-0
Fax: +49-6151-82699-11

Umschalten e. V., Verein f Umweltschde Energiegewinnung

Local. NGO. Info about RE, energy savings.
Nernstweg 32, Hamburg 22765
Att. Volker Westphal
Ph: +49-40-394078/-7607582
Fax: +49-40-394078/-7607582

UN Climate Change Secretariat UNFCCC

PO Box 260124, 53153 Bonn
Att. Michael Zammit Cutajar
Ph: +49-228-815-1000
Fax: +49-228-815-1999

Univ. of Oldenburg, MSc Program on Renewable Energy, Dept. of Physics

Publish newsletter in English.
P.O. Box 2503, 26111 Oldenburg
Att. Edu Knagge
Ph: +49-441-7983544
Fax: +49-441-7983990

Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment & Energy

Applied research. Mediation between science, policy, industry.
Postfach 100480, 42004 Wuppertal
Att. Kora Kristof, dr.
Ph: +49-202-2492-183
Fax: +49-202-2492-198

Zentrum fnenenergie und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Wberg ZSW

Solar, Hydrogen Energy Research Center.
Hessbr 21 C, 70565 Stuttgart
Att. Helmut Bsch
Ph: +49-711-7870-0
Fax: +49-711-7870-200


Center for Renewable Energy Sources CRES

MO: answer 99.
Div. of Technical Support, biomass,
19th km Athinon Marathona Ave.,
190 09 Pikermi - Attikis
Att. Y Boukis, dr.
Ph: +30-1-6039900
Fax: +30-1-6038006


BOCS Foundation

NGO. Publication: Nature & Peace diary.
PO box 7, 8003 SzsfehBR>Att. Gyula Simonyi
Ph: +36-22-327263
Fax: +36-22-501844

Central European University, Dept. of Environmental Sciences & Policy CEU

Nr utca 9, 1051 Budapest
Att. Edward Bellinger, Diana ge-Vorsatz
Ph: +36-1-327-3021/-3000/-3094
Fax: +36-1-327-3031

Central-European Folk Academy

Core member of INFORSE.
Cseresznye sor 15, 9400 Sopron
Att. Judit Ronai
Ph: +36-99-316-989
Fax: +36-99-333-350

Clean Air Action Group

Nat. NGO. Federation of 95 env.
NGOs. Founded in 1988.
Pf 1676, 1465 Budapest
Att. Erzst Beliczay
Ph: +36-1-2093823
Fax: +36-1-3650438

E-MISSZIO Environmental Association

NGO. Energy advising, training, actions, conferences.
Malom u. 18/a, 4400 Nyiregyh
Att. Laszlo Ti
Ph: +36-42-402107
Fax: +36-42-402107

Eco-Service - oszolgt

Public information on phone.
Vad utca 29,
1054 Budapest
Att. Levente Pencz
Ph: +36-1-311-7855
Fax: +36-1-302-3148

EGI Contracting/Engineering ltd.

Energy Efficiency Dept.,
Bem rkp. 33-34,
1027 Budapest
Att. ZoltLontay
Ph: +36-1-2018652
Fax: +36-1-2019646

Energy & Environment Foundation EKA

NGO. RE, EE, training Solar collector workshop and demo trailer.
Szabolcs utca 6, 4400 Nyiregyh
Att. Lllatnay
Ph: +36-42-402107
Fax: +36-42-402107

Energy Center

Kes Kkrt. 76,
Budapest 1087
Att. AndrSzalBR>Ph: +36-1-3331304/3138665
Fax: +36-1-2699065

Energy Club Hungary

Nat. Int. NGO. RE, EE, policy, organize Hungarian energy network, anti nuclear, energy coordinator of CEE bankwatch network.
Core member of INFORSE.
PO Box 411, Mz Zs krt 15,
1519 Budapest
Att. Ada Amon
Ph: +36-1-2097223
Fax: +36-1-4668866

Esztergom Nature Association

Eco-Garden with RE on an island. Elf-built. Solar collectors.
Bajzsy Zsilinsky ut 4, 1/106, 2500
Att. Sz KBR>Ph: +36-33-400150
Fax: +36-33-400150

ETK Nature Conservation Club

NGO. Core member of INFORSE.
Vad utca 29, Budapest 1054
Att. Vera M Katalin MiklR>Ph: +36-1-269-4460/-111-7855
Fax: +36-1-111-7855

Glricultural University GATE

Solar Demo.
Env. & Building Mechanics, 2105
Gl>Att. Bar IstvBR>Ph: +36-28-415384
Fax: +36-28-420997

Green Spider, Gl Association - GAIA Group

NGO, Monitor air & water pollution, eco-education, waste-recycling, plant plants, camps, magazine for children.
"Greenspider" NGO server for Internet.
Ilona u. 3, Pf. 184, 2600 Vac
Att. Adam K. Selmeci
Ph: +36-27-314983/-305769
Fax: +36-27-304483

Hungarian Wind Energy Scientific Association, St. Itvan. University GATE-MSZTE

SZIE Mech. eng faculty, agro-energy,
Pr Kly utca 1, 2103 Gl>Att. Llth, dr.
Ph: +36-28 420200
Fax: +36-28 420997

Independent Ecological Center FB>

Service center for env. NGOs, educ.
Mikl 1, 1035 Budapest
Att. Judit Vrhelyi, Erik Nyvelt
Ph: +36-1-3686229/-2500420
Fax: +36-1-2501546/-2500424

ISES - Hungary

Technical University of Budapest,
Mem rkp. 3 D/309,
1111 Budapest
Att. Llre, Prof.
Ph: +36-1-463-3272
Fax: +36-1-463-3272

Meg Energia Klub

Renewable Energy Club. Local. NGO.
Promotion of utilisation of RE.
RadnMikl7, 1137 Budapest
Att. Tibor Hsi
Ph: +36-1-3499245
Fax: +36-1-3499245


Environment Protection Society.
NGO. RE, energy policy, waste management, hydropower plant, traffic planning, education.
Bart. u. 7, 9024 GyR>Att. Lajtmann Jozsef
Ph: +36-96-316192
Fax: +36-96-310988

Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, The Bulletin REC

Publish "The Bulletin".
Ady Endre ut 9-11, 2000 Szentendre
Att. Csilla Ilkei, librarian
Ph: +36-26-311-199
Fax: +36-26-311-294

Tree of Life Society for the Environment

Local. NGO. EE, RE, eco-village.
Core member of INFORSE.
Bajcsy Zs u. 9, 3300 Eger
Att. Ferenc Bardos
Ph: +36-36-411036
Fax: +36-36-411036


Iceland Nature Conservation Association

Grandavegi 7, 107 Reykjavik
Att. Arni Finnson
Ph: +354-354-5512279/-5613679 (h)
Fax: +354-354-5512279/-8972437 mobil

Solheimar Eco-village

Member of GEN. Organic farming, reforestation & raining center.
801 Selfoss, Iceland
Att. Edda Hjaltested
Ph: +354-4864430
Fax: +354-4864427


An Taisce, National Trust for Ireland

NGO. Environment
The Tailors Hall, Back Lane, Dublin 8
Att. Shirley Clerkin
Ph: +353-1-4541786
Fax: +353-1-4533255

Energy Research Group, University College Dublin ERG UCD

Energy in buildings, passive solar.
School of Architecture, Richview,
Clonskeagh, Dublin 14
Att. Owen Lewis, prof.
Ph: +353-1-2692750
Fax: +353-1-2838908

Irish Energy Center

GO. EE, RE. Info, edu.
Grasnevin, Dublin 9
Att. Paul Kellet, Aoife Cannon
Ph: +353-1-8369080
Fax: +353-1-8372848

Irish Wind Energy Association IWEA

Slane, Co. Meath
Att. Lawrence Staudt
Ph: +353-41-26787
Fax: +353-41-26787

Mayo Energy Agency ltd.

NGO-local energy agency.
Cathedral Road, Ballina, Co Mayo
Att. Roger Adair
Ph: +353-9674034
Fax: +353-9670711


Amici della Terra FOE

Friends of the Earth. NGO.
Sustainability in energy, transport, external costs.
Via Torre Argentina 18, 00186 Roma
Att. Pier Luigi Lombard
Ph: +39-6-6868289/6875308
Fax: +39-6-68308610

Centro Regionale d'Intervento per la Cooperazione CRlC

Dev. cooperation.
Via Monsoloni, 12, 89100 Reggio Calabria
Att. Erik E. van Monckhoven
Ph: +39-965-812345
Fax: +39-965-812560


Via Archimede 141/a, 00197 Roma
Att. Francesca Sartogo
Ph: +39-06 8082449
Fax: +39-06 8076045

Food & Agriculture Organization of UN FAO SDRN

Sust. rural env. and energy network.
room B556, Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome
Att. Gustavo Best, energy coord.
Ph: +39-6-522-55534/-57053012
Fax: +39-6-522-53369/-57055634

Global Eco-village Network -Europe GEN-Europe

Via Torri Speriore 5, 18039
Att. Lucilla Borio
Ph: +39-0184 215504
Fax: +39-0184 215914

Habitat International Coalition HIC

Right to housing.
Via Carlo Betella No 2/ter, 35133
Att. Cesare Ottolini
Ph: +39-049 691771
Fax: +39-049 617672


Env. Association.
Via Salaria 403, 00199 Roma
Att. Bonizella Biagini
Ph: +39-6-862-681
Fax: +39-6-862-18474

Kazakhstan (CIS)

National Environmental Centre for Sustainable Development

81, K. Marks str., Kokshetau, 475000
Att. Kanat Baigarin
Ph: +7-31622-56718
Fax: +7-31622-55537


Latvian Coalition Clean Baltic -Sustainable Energy Info Office CCB-SPARS

Nat. NGO. Newsletter SPARS. Publish in English "Negawatt" from 1997, together with Lithuanian Green Movement & Estonian Re-En Center.
Core member of INFORSE.
room 447, Akademijas Laukums 1,
1018 Riga
Att. Atis Zviedris, Paul Barons
Ph: +371-72-13566
Fax: +371-72-13566


Atgaja Community FOE

Nat. NGO. Green movement
Core member of INFORSE.
PO Box 156, 3000 Kaunas
Att. Linas Vainius, Saulius Pyksrys
Ph: +370-7-207250
Fax: +370-7-209274

Lithuanian Association of Energy Engineers

Nat. NGO. RE, energy efficiency, env.
Studentu, str. 48-137, 3031 Kaunas
Att. Stasys Kytra
Ph: +370-7-301906/-451521
Fax: +370-7-301718

Lithuanian Energy Institute

Nat. GO. R&D in RE.
PO Box 707, Breslaujos str. 3,
3035 Kaunas
Att. Skema Romualdas
Ph: +370-7-401849/-401936
Fax: +370-7-351271

Zvejone Environmental Club

Taikos pr. 42-3, 5802 Klaipeda
Att. Sauliuss Ruzinskas
Ph: +370-6-310870
Fax: +370-6-380650


Mouvement Ecologique FOE

6, rue Vauban, 2663 Luxembourg
Att. Twirnes Claude, Pol Ruppert
Ph: +352-439030/438585
Fax: +352-422242


Ecologists' Movement of Macedonia FOE DEM

Umbrella org. of 26 env. NGOs.
ul. Vasil Gorgov b.b., Baraka 6,
91000 Skopje
Att. Ljupco Stojanovski
Ph: +389-91-220518
Fax: +389-91-128075


Nature Trust - Malta

NGO. work with WWF. MO of MIO
PO box 9, Valletta
Att. Vanya Walker-Leigh
Ph: +356-09422086
Fax: +356-389500

Moldavia (CIS)

Rural 21, Center for Sustainable Development

Local. Projects funded by EURASIA and World Bank. Local dev. wind energy potential.
Tighinia Jud., Str. Libertatii 1, 3rd floor, 4201 Stefan Voda
Att. Rachel A. Cook
Ph: +373-4223223
Fax: +373-4223223


Alliance of Northern People for Env. and Development ANPED

NGO. NGO-network aiming sust. dev.
Ling NGOs from West & Eastern Europe, NIS, USA, Japan. Consumption and production patterns. Newsletter: Northern Lights, email list.
PO Box 59030, 1040 KA Amsterdam
Att. Pieter van de Graag
Ph: +31-20-4751742
Fax: +31-20-4751743

Appliance Efficiency IDEA

Newsletter of IDEA, Int'l. Network for Domestic Energy Efficient Appliances.
Supported by several European Energy Agencies.
c/o Novem, PO Box 17,
6130 AA Sittard
Att. Boudewijn H. Wajer, M. Lacroix
Ph: +31-46-4202265
Fax: +31-46-4528260

Association for Energy Development & Planning EDP

Energy dev., developing countries.
Training, transfer of technology.
Core member of INFORSE.
PO Box 11519, 2502 AM The Hague
Att. Niek G. A. Hoek
Ph: +31-70-3609765
Fax: +31-70-3924614

Biomass Technology Group BV. BTG

University of Twente, PO Box 217,
7500 AE Enschede
Att. John Vos
Ph: +31-53-4894491
Fax: +31-53-4893116

Both Ends, Environment & Development Service for NGOs

NGO. International Secretariat of MDB-Energy Bankwatch Project.
Associate member of INFORSE.
Damrak 28-30, 1012 LJ Amsterdam
Att. Ian Tellam
Ph: +31-20-6230823
Fax: +31-20-6208049

Centre for Energy Conservation and Environmental Technology

Independent institute, political strategies, R&D, long-term scenarios, tax-policies.
Associate member of INFORSE.
Oude Delft 180, 2611 HH Delft
Att. Tiny van der Werff
Ph: +31-15-2150150
Fax: +31-15-2150151

De Kleine Aarde

The Little Earth. NGO, centre for education, info & demonstration. Small energy systems.
Postbus 151, 5280 AD Boxtel
Att. Jan Juffermans
Ph: +31-411-684921
Fax: +31-411-683407


Research on Energy and Environment.
Library, PO Box 8408, 3503 RK
Ph: +31-30-2808300
Fax: +31-30-2808301

ENERGIA Secretariat

Int. network on gender and sust. energy. Info exchange, research, training, advocacy, newsletter.
Associate member of INFORSE.
ETC Energy, Kastanjelaan 5, Postbus 64, 3830 AB Leusden
Att. Sheila Oparaocha
Ph: +31-33-4326000
Fax: +31-33-4940791

European Youth For. Action EYFA

Int. NGO. Publish Green Pepper.
European env. youth network.
Organizes Ecotopia.
Postbus 94115, 1090 GC Amsterdam
Ph: +31-20-6657743
Fax: +31-20-6928757

FME - Group Windenergy

Org. of wind manufacturers.
Postbus 190, 2700 AD Zoetermeer
Att. Aat. C. van der Giessen
Ph: +31-79-3531273
Fax: +31-79-3531365

Friends of the Earth International FoEI

Int. NGO. Federation of national NGOs from 61 countries.
PO Box 19199,
48 Prins Henrik gade,
1000 GD Amsterdam
Att. Ann Doherty
Ph: +31-20-6221369
Fax: +31-20-6392181

Greenpeace International

Keizersgracht 176, 1016 DW
Att. Martina Kruger
Ph: +31-20-5236222
Fax: +31-20-5236200


Directory database of 9000 suppliers whose technology reduce greenhouse gas emmission. Info is gratis. 36 country offices, 5 in CEE.
Novem bv, Swentiboldstraat 21, 6137 AE Sittard
Ph: +31-46-420-2203
Fax: +31-46-451-0389

Milieukontakt Oost-Europa

Foundation. Support NGOs in CEE towards an ecological and democratic society.
P.O. Box 18185,
Plantage Middenlaan 2-D,
1001 ZB Amsterdam
Att. Williem Oosterbrink (CIS)
Ph: +31-20-6392716
Fax: +31-20-6391379

Nederlandse onderneming voor energie en milieu NOVEM

Agency for Energy and Environment.
Postbus 8242, 3503 RE Utrecht
Att. A. Duynhouwer
Ph: +31-30-2393403
Fax: +31-30-2393702

Org. voor Duurzame Energie ODE

Dutch Org. for Renewable Energy. Nat.
NGO. Info on RE, initiate env. projects, lobby to support RE, RE-consumers.
Postbus 750, Korte Elisabethstraat 6, 3500 AT Utrecht
Att. Bart Lips
Ph: +31-30-2369730
Fax: +31-30-2341176

Rijkert Knoppers Tekstproducties

Journalist specialised in RE.
Postbox 1352, 5200 BK's-
Att. Rijkert Knoppers
Ph: +31-73-6125951
Fax: +31-73-6125167

Stichting Natuur en Milieu

Foundation on Nature and Envir.,
NGO. 30 empl., political proposals and criticism.
Donkerstraat 17,
3511 KB Utrecht
Att. admin..
Ph: +31-30-2331328
Fax: +31-30-2331311

Support Network on Renewable Energy SNORE

Core member of INFORSE.
Rijksstraatweg 37-46, 6574 AD
Att. Ace Suares
Ph: +31-24-3603917

Technology & Development Group

20 years in training, projects in RE in dev. countries.
Sust. Dev. Section, University of Twente, PO Box 217 (CT GEBOUW),
7500 AE 217 Enschede
Att. Joy Clancy
Ph: +31-53-4893537
Fax: +31-53-4893087

WISE - Amsterdam, World Information Service on Energy

Int. NGO. Anti nuclear network, biweekly news.
PO Box 59636, 1040 LC Amsterdam
Att. Peer de Rijk
Ph: +31-20-6126368
Fax: +31-20-6892179


Bellona Web

Nuclear storage, submarines.
PB 2141 Grkka, (Fossveien 19 0551 Oslo), 0505 Oslo
Ph: +47-2323-4600
Fax: +47-2238-3862

Center for International Climate and Environmental Research CICERO

Sognsveien 68, PO Box 1129,
Blindern, 0317 Oslo
Att. Tone Veiby, Lin Gan
Ph: +47-22-858755/-858724
Fax: +47-22-858751

Forum for Utvikling og MiljUM

Norwegian Forum for Env. & Dev.
Storgate 11, 5. etg, 0155 Oslo
Att. S. Ananthakrishnan
Ph: +47-23-010300
Fax: +47-23-010303

Natur & Ungdom

Nature and Youth. NGO. 140 local groups, climate campaigns.
Postboks 4783, Sofienberg, 0506 Oslo
Att. Stine Lundgren
Ph: +47-22-364218
Fax: +47-22-204594

Norges Naturvernforbund

Friend of the Earth Norway. Local. Nat. NGO. Alternatives to hydro-, nuclearpower. Follow-up on "Energy 2030". Publish Natur & MiljNorvegian.
Postboks 342,
Sentrum, 0101 Oslo
Att. Dag Arne Hd, Tore Brand
Ph: +47-22-402400
Fax: +47-22-402410


Ecobaltic Foundation, Polish Wind Energy Association

NGO. Strategies for implementing RE, training courses, wind energy info service, studies, windpower producers in Poland.
Core member of INFORSE.
Ul. Arkonska 54, 80-392 Gdansk
Att. Maciej Bartmanski
Ph: +48-58-5561360
Fax: +48-58-5561360

Information Center for Air Protection PKE-ICAP

Nat. NGO. An agency of the Polish Ecological Club, RE, energy saving, public info service on env. & energy.
Core member of INFORSE.
Plebiscytowa 19, 40-035 Katowice
Att. Alexandra Chodasewicz
Ph: +48-32-251-7498
Fax: +48-32-251-7590

Krakow Institute for Sustainable Energy KISE

ul. Floranska 55,
31 019 Krakow
Att. Adam Gula
Ph: +48-12-4213781
Fax: +48-12-4119943

PKE, Polish Ecological Club, Bankwatch CEE

Bankwatch network coordinator.
Core member of INFORSE.
Polski Klub Ekologiczny - Zarzad
Glowny, ul. Slawkowska 26 A,
31-014 Krakow
Att. Thomas Terlecki
Ph: +48-12-4232047
Fax: +48-12-4232098

Polish Ecological Club - Mazowian Branch, Climate Action Network - CEE PKE-OM

Local. Nat. NGO. Org. conferences, lobby. MO: PKE.
PL. Zamkowy 10/II P, 00-277
Att. Zbigniew Karaczun
Ph: +48-22-8-312830
Fax: +48-22-8-312830

Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency FEWE

NGO. Energy policy, audits, production, utilization of energy systems, market analysis, org. workshops, joint ventures.
ul. Florianska 55, 2nd fl. No. 4, 31-019 Krakow
Att. Adam Gula, prof.
Ph: +48-12-4213911
Fax: +48-12-4119943


Agenda para a Energia

GO. Created by the Portuguese Ministry of Economy.
Estrada de Alfragide, Praceta 1
Alfragide, 2720-537 Amadora
Att. Luis Silva, Mr
Ph: +351-21-4722818
Fax: +351-21-4722898/99

Associacao in Loco

Local development projects in Algarve province. RE, solar system self built.
Publishes "A Rede".
Rua Actor Nascimento Fernandes, No. 26-3 Apartado 603, 8000 Faro
Att. Artur Filipe Gregorio
Ph: +351-2-89-802449
Fax: +351-2-89-827175

Associacio de Defesa do Patrimonio Cultural e Ambiental ALMARGEM

Local. NGO. Ecological assoc. in Algarve. Env. edu. in schools, local resources, RE. Bi-monthly newsletter in Portuguese.
Alto de Sao Domingos 14, Apartado 251, 8100 Louie
Att. Joao Santos
Ph: +351-2-89-412959
Fax: +351-2-89-414104

Centre for Research Economics, Energy, Transport, Environment CEEETA

Private research and info center.
Rua Dr. Antonio Candido, No. 10-4, 1050-076 Lisbon
Att. Manuel Fernandes
Ph: +351-213 194850
Fax: +351-213 140411


NGO. Centre for Env. Law & Sust. Dev.
Observatorio Astronomico de Lisboa,
Tapada da Ajuda, Edificio Leste, 1349 - 018 Lisboa
Att. Goncalo Cavalheiro, dir
Ph: +351-21-3616749
Fax: +351-21-3616752


Asociatia Romana a Iubitorilor Naturii ARIN

Romanian Association of Nature Lovers. Local. NGO. Nuclear awareness. EE, local Agenda 21, info ed., youth target group.
Associate member of INFORSE.
ARIN-Braila office, Al. Cinematografului nr 2 bl. H3 sc 2 ap 27,
6100 Braila
Att. Nedelcu Codruta
Ph: +40-39-670376
Fax: +40-39-670376

Danube Delta Friends - Foundation Sulina

Local. NGO. Working for environment, democracy, health and sustainable energy
Core member of INFORSE.
39, Second Street, 8829 Sulina, Tulcea County
Att. Nicolae Raducu
Ph: +40-40-543 542/243/008
Fax: +40-40-543 542/294/752


NGO. Associate member of INFORSE.
Sos. Stefan cel Mare nr. 12, bl. 18, ap. 37, sector 2, Bucharest
Att. Bogdan Justin Dinu
Ph: +40-1-610-7131
Fax: +40-1-610-7131

Prietenii Pamantului

Earth Friends. Local. NGO. 20 members. Founded 1991. Practical project, anti-nuclear and energy saving campaigns, environmental education. MO: FOE.
Core member of INFORSE.
Siderurgistilor SD4A/12, 6200 Galati
Att. Ion Constantin Zamfir
Ph: +40-36-462564
Fax: +40-36-462564

Rhododendron, Environmental Protection Association

Nat. NGO. Campaigns in energy waste.
PO Box 717, 4300 Tirgu Mures
Att. Peter Abran
Ph: +40-65-167712
Fax: +40-65-210230

Romanian Association of Nature Lovers Branch office ARIN

Associate member of INFORSE.
ARIN Bihor branch office, Str. A. Muresianu nr. 1a ap 14, 3638 Stei
Att. Sandor Matyasi
Ph: +40-59-330398

Romanian Wind Energy Association ROWEA

Nat. NGO. Promotes windenergy program, defines strategy, training, public awareness, lobby.
Associate member of INFORSE.
Bd. Energeticienilor 8, 79619 Bucharest
Att. Albu Ovidiu Teodor
Ph: +40-1-3214490
Fax: +40-1-3214490

The Ecologist Youth of Romania, Energy & Climate Group TERRA III

NGO. Core member of INFORSE.
bl OD5, sc A, ap 22, str. Brasov, nr. 19, 773691 Bucharest
Att. Lavinia Andrei
Ph: +40-1-7452487
Fax: +40-1-7452487/1 4113161

Russia (CIS)

Anti Nuclear Campaign of the Sociological Union

Publishes Anti-Atom Press. Organise actions, edu.
PO Box 211, Nizhegorodskaya 70-2-9, 121019 Moscow
Att. Alisa Nikoulina, V. Slivyak
Ph: +7-095-2784642
Fax: +7-095-2784642

Center for Russian Environmental Policy

Vavilov street 26, Moscow 117808
Att. Alexey V. Jablokov
Ph: +7-095-9528019
Fax: +7-095-9528019

Children of the Baltic

Local. NGO. Youth env. education, Gulf of Finland, EE, RE
Oranienbaumsky av. 37-2-43,
Lomonosov, 189510 St Petersburg
Att. Olga Senova
Ph: +7-812-4223278
Fax: +7-812-4223278

Eco-Accord, Center for Environment & Sustainable Development ECO-Forum Secretariat

Prospekt Mira 36, 129010 Moskva
Att. Olga Ponizova, Viktoria Alvaschenko
Ph: +7-095-9246240
Fax: +7-095-9529282

Ecodefense, WISE-Kaliningrad

Nat. NGO. Publish WISE Russian.
Anti nuclear, energy edu. Post Box 1477, 236000 Kaliningrad
Att. Vladimir Slivyak
Ph: +7-0112-448443/-437286
Fax: +7-0112-448443/-437286

Ecological Projects Center

Core member of INFORSE.
Karamyshevskaya nab. 14, 123423 Moskva
Att. Nikolai Grishin
Ph: +7-095-1912326/9426383
Fax: +7-095-2926511 box 1724

GAIA Apatity Energy Center

NGO. Created in 1997. energy and environment.
Core member of INFORSE.
Box 68 (Kozlova St. 1, ap. 42), Apatity, 184200 Murmansk region
Att. Elena Krouglikova
Ph: +7-815-55-79113/-30282/-73417
Fax: +7-815-55-74434/-75553

Gaia Coordinative Environmental Center - Kola Peninsula

Local. NGO. Exchange of info, env. actions, seminars, conferences, long-term projects.
Box 653, Sofia Perovskaja st 33/II flat 14, 183038 Murmansk 38
Att. Galina Horeva
Ph: +7-815-2-556752
Fax: +7-815-2-556752

Greenpeace Russia

Novaya Bashilovka str. 6, GSP - 4, 127994 Moscow
Att. Igor Forofontov
Ph: +7-095-25741-16/-18/-22
Fax: +7-095-2574110

Kamchatka League of Independent Experts KLIE

PO Box 273, Petropavlovsk
Att. Olga Chernyagina
Ph: +7-4152-120996
Fax: +7-4125-120747

Kostroma Environmental Movement "In the Name of life" of Soci-Ecological Union

NGO. Antinuclear, energy
ul. Profsoyuznaya 44-82, 156016
Att. Tamara Dobretsova
Ph: +7-0942-229220

Nuclear Policy Center of Socio Ecological Union SEU

Nuclear issues, RE., CAN contact point. EEW member.
ul. Krupskoy 8-1-187, 117311 Moskva
Att. Lydia Popova, K. Korbunov
Ph: +7-095-131-70-12
Fax: +7-095-131-70-12

Panajarve, (SEU)

NGO. RE, env.
ul. Lysitcinoj 6+81, 185031
Petrozavodsk, Karelia
Att. Ninel Khakkarainen
Ph: +7-817-2244613
Fax: +7-814-2240989

Tatarstan Antinuclear Society

Energeticov str. h.3 f.53, Kazan 420034
Att. Garapov Albert
Ph: +7-8432-447757

Zeleny Mir in Sosnovy Bor

Green World. Nat. NGO. Eco bulletin: Baltic Region Our Habitat. Baltic News
MOST-SLITA in Russian/English/Finish distruted on email.
PO Box 93/7, 188537 Sovnovy Bor, St Petersburg region
Att. Oleg Bodrov
Ph: +7-81269-72991
Fax: +7-81269-72991


Association of Environmentalists in North-East Slovakia -Infocentrum

NGO. Mobile exhibition of RE. Energy, waste campaign, edu.
Popradska 24, 064 01 Stara Lubovna
Att. Eulalia Stefanova, Pavel Petras
Ph: +421-963-4321090/-4261118
Fax: +421-963-4321090/-4261113

Foundation for Alternative Energy FAE

INFORSE Regional Coordinator.
Nat. NGO. RE edu. by email.
PO Box 35, 85007 Bratislava
Att. Emil Bedi
Ph: +421-7-63-836964
Fax: +421-7-63-836964

Greenpeace Slovakia

Safarikovonamestie 4, PO Box 58,
81499 Bratislava 1
Att. Lubika TrubiniovR>Ph: +421-7-5361340
Fax: +421-7-5361341

Greenway Office

Central & East European Environmental NGOs network. Newsletter.
P.O. Box 163, 814 99 Bratislava
Att. Elena Vartikova, Dr
Ph: +421-7-55414674
Fax: +421-7-55414674

Slovenska Asocacia pre Biomasu SK-BIOM

Slovak Biomass Association. Nat. NGO. MO: AEBIOM, European Biomass Association.
Associate member of INFORSE.
Svatovojtesska 35, 83103 Bratislava
Att. Rudolf Apalovic
Ph: +421-7-44255819
Fax: +421-7-44255819

Society for Sustainable Living in the Slovak Republic STUZ/SR

NGO. Voluntary, Specialists, artists, journalists, Sustainable Europe Campaign/Slovak Coord.
Starotursky chodnik 1, 811 01 Bratislava
Att. Jan Szs
Ph: +421-7-392751 ext 179 or 207
Fax: +421-7-5441-3968 (ph/fax)
e-mail: or


NGO. Env. education, campaigns, bimonthly Bulletin in Slovak, library.
Prazska 2, 040 11 Kosice
Att. Silvia Szaboova
Ph: +421-95-6445124
Fax: +421-95-6445124

Za Matku Zem - Presov

For Mother Earth. NGO. Clean energy brigades, RE, lecturing, monitor nuclear plants in Slovakia.
Krizna 6, 08001 Presov
Att. Peter Sochan
Ph: +421-91-43213
Fax: +421-91-43213

Za Matku Zem - Bratislava

For Mother Earth. Env., energy campaign against NPP and for RE.
PO Box 93, 81499 Bratislava 1
Att. Pavol Siroky
Ph: +421-7-65313506
Fax: +421-7-65313566


"Jozef Stefan" Institute, Energy Efficiency Center

Associate member of INFORSE.
Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubjana
Att. Boris Selan
Ph: +38-6-61-1885210
Fax: +38-6-61-1612335

Slovenian E-Forum

Nat. NGO. Energy & Climate change policy. Think-Tank for other NGOs.
Dimiceva 12, 1113 Ljublana
Att. Andrej Klemenc
Ph: +38-6-1-2804473
Fax: +38-6-1-2804473

Slovenian Solar Energy Society SLOSE

NGO. Magazine SUN on solar architecture.
c/o Centre for Efficient Use of Energy,
Ambrozev trg 5, 1000 Ljubjana
Att. Bojc Jermanj, president
Ph: +38-6-1-4383325
Fax: +38-6-1-4729283

Slovensko Ekolosko Gibanje SEG

Slovenien Ecological Movement.
NGO. 11 regional offices, 1000 members. Campaign closing Krsko power plant.
Mestni prg 13, 61000 Ljubljana
Att. Karel Lipic, Andrej Pavesic
Ph: +38-6-61-126-3306
Fax: +38-6-61-210-374

Umanotera, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development

Nat. NGO. Publish Newsletter. CEE
Consumption Paterns, Agenda 21.
Resljeva 20, 1000 Ljubljana
Att. Vida Ogorelec Wagner
Ph: +38-6-61-1322354
Fax: +38-6-61-1337029


Alcoucer Consultores

Consultancy in env and RE.
c/ Javier Lasso dela Vega, 41003 Sevilla
Att. Hector Jimenez Cobo, Mr.
Ph: +34-902-282915
Fax: +34-954-225277

Asociacion para la Cooperacion con el Sur Las Segovias ACSUR

Cedaceros, 9 30BA izq., 28014 Madrid
Att. Graciela Malgesini
Ph: +34-91-429-1661
Fax: +34-91-429-1593

CENSOLAR, Centro de Estudios de la Energia Solar

Int. Int. Solar Energy Distance Learning Center for prof. training in Spanish.
Associate member of INFORSE.
Parque Industrial PISA, c/ Comercio,
12, Mairena del Aljarafe, 41927 Sevilla
Att. Raimundo Gonzalez
Ph: +34-954 186200
Fax: +34-954 186111

Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Defensa Ambiental CODA

Pza. Sta. Maria Soledad T., Acosta 1-3 A, 28004 Madrid
Att. Jose Santamarta
Ph: +34-1-5312739/-1-531-2389
Fax: +34-1-531-2611

Ecologistas en Accion

Nat. NGO. Radical ecologist org. Anti-nuclear, RE, EE, industrial pollution.
Previously AEDENAT.
Core member of INFORSE.
Marques de Leganes 12, 28004 Madrid
Att. Jose Luis G. Cano
Ph: +34-91-5312739
Fax: +34-91-5312611

Era Solar/CenSolar Madrid

RE Magazine in Spanish.
Costa Rica 13, 4'A-2, 28016 Madrid
Att. Manuel Senra Diaz de Cevallos
Ph: +34-91-3505885/3506216
Fax: +34-91-3459312

European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources EUFORES

Av. de Burgos 48, Bajo B,
28306 Madrid
Att. Juan Fraga
Ph: +34-913833339
Fax: +34-913833159

Federacion Ecoloxista Galega FEG

Local. NGO. Network of 25 Galician env. assoc.
Apartado 949, 15780 Santiago de Compostela
Att. Xose Veiras
Ph: +34-981-575444
Fax: +34-981-575444

Greenpeace Spain

c/o San Bernardo, 107, 28015 Madrid
Att. Jose Luis Garcia Ortega
Ph: +34-1-444-1400
Fax: +34-1-447-1598

Grup de Cientifics i Tecnics per un Futur No Nuclear GCTPFNN

Core member of INFORSE.
PO Box 10095, E-08080 Barcelona, Catalonia
Att. Joaquim Corominas, Joseph Puig
Ph: +34-3-4272449/4284167
Fax: +34-3-4272449

Promotora General de Estudios, S.A. PROGENSA

Publisher, energy training company.
Parque Industrial PISA, C/Comercio 12, Mairena del Aljarafe, 41927 Sevilla
Att. Francisco Chica Gonzalez
Ph: +34-954 186 200
Fax: +34-954 186 111

Taller de Education Ambiental, ICE Universidade de Santiago

Workshop for Environmental Education. Local. NGO. Env. edu. at schools by problem solving activities and teacher training on recycling, RE, saving energy, water at home.
Plaza Mazarelos s/n, 15703 Santiago
Att. Manuel A. Fernandez Dominguez
Ph: +34-981-563100
Fax: +34-981-584533



Anti-nuclear campaign.
Allmendeweg 43, 13509 Berlin
Att. Bernd Frieboese
Ph: +46-30 439598

Folkkampanjen, WISE Sweden FMKK

Swedish Anti Nuclear Movement.
Barnsgatan 23, 11641 Stockholm
Att. Ingeborg Kleinhans
Ph: +46-8-841490
Fax: +46-8-845181

Fysisk resursteori, Chalmers Tekniska Hola

Institute of Physical Resource Theory.
412 96 Gorg
Att. Tomas Krger
Ph: +46-31-7723129
Fax: +46-31-7723150

International Association for Energy Efficient Lighting IAEEL

Newsletter. Multi-gov. supported org.
Sveavn 98, 4 tr,
113 50 Stockholm
Att. Nils Borg
Ph: +46-8-6731130
Fax: +46-8-6730444

Linkg University

Environmental Technique & Management, IFM, 58183, Linkg
Att. Anders Mensson
Ph: +46-13282287
Fax: +46-13122587


Environmental Center. Expert info.
Uses court system to fight polluters.
Box 730, 686 29 Sunne
Ph: +46-18-300000
Fax: +46-18-300000

Miljtiet de gr/B>

Green Party Sweden.
Prgatan 18 A, Gamla Stan, Box 16069, 10322 Stockholm
Att. Ursula M int secr.
Ph: +46-8-7865744
Fax: +46-8-7865375

Miljundet Jordens Ver FOE-Sweden

Publish Miljdningen in Swedish.
PO Box 7048, 40231 Gorg
Ph: +46-31-121808
Fax: +46-31-121817

Royal Institute of Technology

Department of Energy Technology,
Brinellvn 60, 10044 Stockholm
Att. Ivo Martinac, dr.
Ph: +46-8-7906884
Fax: +46-8-228307

SERO Org. for Renewable Energy and Energy Savings

NGO, cooperation of national associations and local groups. Journal in Swedish.
Vretlundavn 36, 731 33 Kg
Att. Olof Karlsson
Ph: +46-221-19765
Fax: +46-221-19765

Stockholm Environment Institute - Headquarters SEI-HQ

Publish newsletters on env. & RE in dev. countries. Research.
Library, Box 2142 (Lilla Nygatan 1), 103 14 Stockholm
Att. Gunnel Olofsson, Ms.
Ph: +46-8-412-1400
Fax: +46-8-723-0348

Svenska Solenergifingen SEAS

Swedish Solar Energy Association.
Lobby, info.
c/o SERC, Forskargatan 6,
Box 10044, 781 10 Borle
Att. Jill Gertzen
Ph: +46-24-319070
Fax: +46-23-778701

Svenska Vindkraftfing SVIF

Wind Power Association. MO: SERO.
Danska gatan 12, 441 56 Alingas
Att. Lennart Blomgren
Ph: +46-511-57474
Fax: +46-511-57474

Swedish Biogas Association

c/o NSR, 25189 Helsingborg
Att. Karl Bjurling
Ph: +46-42-107524

Swedish NGO Secretariat on Acid Rain

NGO. Air pollution, climate. Publish "Acid News".
Box 7005, 402 31 Gorg
Att. Reinhold Pape
Ph: +46-31-7114515
Fax: +46-31-7114620

Tingwalls Eko

Eco-demo center.
45084 Bullaren
Ph: +46-52540120
Fax: +46-52540061


Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations CASIN

Program on NGOs and Civil Society.
PO Box 1340, Avenue de la Paix 7 bis, 1211 Geneva 1
Att. Danielle Ecoffey
Ph: +41-22-730-8676
Fax: +41-22-730-8690

Energie & Umwelt, Schweizerische Energie-Stiftung SES

Sihlquai 67, 8005 Zurich
Att. Heini Glauser, Kurt Marti
Ph: +41-1-271-5464
Fax: +41-1-273-0369

Energy Economy Environment, Funding Technology E3

Non-profit EE in dev. countries.
Av. Trembley 14, 1209 Geneve
Att. Segis Petchen
Ph: +41-22-7345484
Fax: +41-22-7346148

Energy Efficiency 21 Project - United Nations, Economic Commission for Europe

Investment project preparation.
Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10
Att. Frederic Romig
Ph: +41-22-917-4140/2407
Fax: +41-22-917-0038/0227

European and Global Network Eco-Biology ECOHB

Env. healthy buildings. Database.
Cooperative Information Building Biology.
St Gallerstrasse 28, 9230 Flawil
Att. Bosco BBR>Ph: +41-71-3932252 (Tue-Thu)
Fax: +41-71-3932256

Information Unit for Conventions IUC

Int. Quarterly Climate Change Bulletin, news from UNEP/WMO/IPCC/IUCC.
UNEP, Geneva Executive Center, CP 356, 1219 Chatelaine
Ph: +41-22-9799244
Fax: +41-22-7973464

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC

Scientific research. Established in 1988 by WMO & UNEP
World Meteorological Organisation, 41
Av. Giuseppe-Motto, PO box 2300, 1211 Geneva 2
Fax: +41-22-7331270

Laboratoire d'Energie Solaire et de Physique du Batiment LESO-PB

Solar Energy and Building Laboratory.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, EPFL, 1015 Lausanne
Att. Jean-Barnard Gay
Ph: +41-21-693-4545
Fax: +41-21-693-2722

OIKOS - Umweltomische Studenteninitiative

NGO. Student assoc. for env. & ecological economics at Univ. of St. Gallen.
Bodanstr 2, 9000 St. Gallen
Att. Friederike Hesse
Ph: +41-71-223-2624
Fax: +41-71-223-2624

Swiss Centre for Dev. Cooperation in Technology and Management SKAT

Publish books.
Vadianstrasse 42, 9000 St. Gallen
Att. Silvia Ndiaye
Ph: +41-71-2285454
Fax: +41-71-2285455

Swiss Solar Energy Association

NGO. Org. public RE movement.
Support research on solar energy,
Swiss solar prize.
Postfach 358, Belpstrasse 69, 3000
Bern 14
Att. Beat Gerber
Ph: +41-31-3718000
Fax: +41-31-3718000

ULOG Group

NGO. Publications, R&D, training of making solar cookers, (box, basket, parabolic community kitchens) tropical, non-tropical. Do it yourself.
Associate member of INFORSE.
18 Morgartenring, CH-4054 Basel
Att. Ulrich Oehler and Lisel Oehler
Ph: +41-61-3016622
Fax: +41-61-3014959

United Nations Non-Governmental Liason Service, Go-Between Newsletter UN-NGLS

Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10
Att. Tony Hill
Ph: +41-22-917 2076
Fax: +41-22-917 0049

Zentrum fepasste Technologie & Sozialogie Langenbruck

Active and passive solar energy, wind energy, combined heat & power plants, decentralized power supply.
Core member of INFORSE.
ozentrum, Schwengistr. 12, 4438
Att. Ueli Wieser
Ph: +41-62-601460
Fax: +41-62-601640

Zentrum fewandte ologie

Center for Applied Ecology. Nat.
NGO. R&D. Publishes 'Einblick'.
insulation systems, CO2 joint implementation.
Schattweid, 6114 Steinhuserberg
Att. Thomas Rohrer
Ph: +41-41-490-1793
Fax: +41-41-490-4075


Arkadas - EYFA Turkey

Akkuyu NPP campaign. Env. RE, trafic. "Green Screen" e-mail news.
Office in London.
Ilhan Akg2/C, 33960 Silifke
Att. Yasar t>Ph: +90-324-714-3726
Fax: +90-324-714-3726

Environment and Energy Association EAA

2 Adsiz Asker Sokak, G. Magosa,
TRNC, Mersin 10
Att. Erzat G. Erdil, Dr. Prof.
Ph: +90-392-630 1449
Fax: +90-392-365 0240

Turkmen (CIS)

Dashoguz Ecological Guardians

Nat. NGO. Env. edu. RE.
Center-1, 8. ap 23, Dashoguz 746301
Att. Andrei Zatoka
Ph: +7-993-322-56683
Fax: +7-993-322-56683


Alliance to Save Energy ASE

1/13 Rohnidynska st, apt. 4, Kyiv 01004
Att. Stanislav Potapenko
Ph: +380-44 2464799/2273187/-2357563


NGO. Org. RE projects.
ul. Kosiora 32-28, 320051
Att. Mikhail Dmitrievich Zinchenko
Ph: +380-562-702518
Fax: +380-562-702518

Dept of Utilisation of Renewable Energy Sources, Inst. of Elektrodynamics

Academy of Science, Peremogy Avenue 56, 252680 Kyiv 57
Att. Stepan Alexandrovich Kudrja
Ph: +380-44-5592363
Fax: +380-44-5592363

Environmental Center of Information and Education

The Main Regional Library,
10 str. Savchenko,
49006 Dnipropetrovsk-6
Ph: +380-562-474-536
Fax: +380-562-423-119/-562-426-682

Future Age Energy

NGO. Core member of INFORSE.
PO box 56, 02192 Kiev
Att. Andrei Konechenkov
Ph: +380-44 274 3017
Fax: +380-44 241 7038

Institute of Ecology, South Branch INECO

Waste to energy, solars, biogas, EE.
Str. V. Morska 45,
Mykolaiv 54030
Att. Serhiy Shapovalov, dr.
Ph: +380-512-358037
Fax: +380-512-353112 (for INECO)


Women group, anti nuclear.
22 Mikhailivska str,
Kyiv-1 01001
Att. Anna Golubovska-Onisimova
Ph: +380-44 2287749
Fax: +380-44 2295514

National Ecological Centre of Ukraine NECU

Campaigns: K2R4, EE, climate change, monitor int. bank's energy projects.
PO Box 89, 01025 Kiev
Att. Yury Urbansky
Ph: +380-44-2386260
Fax: +380-44-2386259

Rivne Environmental Brotherhood REB

Local. NGO. Exhibition of RE, case study on RE.
Core member of INFORSE.
Lunaeharskiy str. 49, Rivne 266023
Att. Anatoliy Karpjuk
Ph: +380-362-233570
Fax: +380-362-233570

Training Center for Energy Management, Nat. Techn. Univ. TCEM

TACIS project. Library founded by Echo Vostok, SRI of NTU, ISAR, USAID.
KPI, Borshchagovskaya str. 115, Bldg. 22, 3 fl. office 310,
Kiev 03056
Att. Evgeniy Inshekov, dir.
Ph: +380-44-241-7037/-441-1774
Fax: +380-44-241-7038

Urainian Society for Sustainable Development USSD

Room 819, 18/7 Kutuzova str.,
Kyiv 01133
Att. Vadim Diukanov
Ph: +380-44 2954337
Fax: +380-44 2954337

Zeleny Svit - Nikolaev Regional Ecological Association

Green World, NGO. Works with RE and natural gas as alternatives to nuclear energy. Makes alternative energy proposals and edu. materials.
PO Box 158,
Nikolaev 327001
Att. Koval Marina
Ph: +380-512-353389
Fax: +380-512-353112

Zeleny Svit Information Center

Green World. NGO. Ukranian Env. Association.
Post box 449, 252001 Kyiv-1
Att. Serghiy Fedorynchyk
Ph: +380-44-456-3435 (with fax)
Fax: +380-44-5460073

Zelenyi Svit Dnipropetrovsk FOE

Local. NGO.
P/B 49, Moskovskaya str 6,
Dnipropetrovsk 490000
Att. Victor Khazan
Ph: +380-562-7781301
Fax: +380-562-2379573

United Kingdom

Association for Conservation of Energy ACE

Nat. Publishes "The Fifth Fuel". Info, EE, employment. Secretariat for EUROACE.
Westgate house, Prebend st, London N1 8PT
Att. Andrew Warren, Joanne Wade
Ph: +44-207 359 8000
Fax: +44-207 359 0863

British Photovoltaics Association PV-UK

Core member of INFORSE.
c/o IT Power Ltd, The Warren, Bramshill Road, Eversley RG27 0PR
Att. Jenniy Gregory
Ph: +44-1189-730073
Fax: +44-1189-730820
e-mail: or

British Wind Energy Association BWEA

NGO. Prof. and trade assoc.
26 Spring street, London W2 IJA
Att. Alison Hill
Ph: +44-207-4027102
Fax: +44-207-4027107

Center for Renewable Energy CADDET

Database with 2000 projects.
ETSU, Harwell Oxfordshire, OX11 ORA
Ph: +44-1235 432719
Fax: +44-1235 433595

Center for Renewable Energy Systems Technology CREST

Education, research, MSc RE Courses.
Angela Marmont Renewable Energy, Laboratory, Loughborough University, Leicestershire LE11 3TU
Att. L.L. Freris, Prof.
Ph: +44-1509-222421
Fax: +44-1509-610031

Centre for Alternative Technology CAT

Quarterly Publication: "Clean Slate".
Charity, membership via ATA. RE, EE, visitors centre. Info, Consultancy service, publications, courses.
Machynlleth, Powys SY20 9AZ, Wales
Att. Paul Alien, Sarah Jenkinson
Ph: +44-1654-702400
Fax: +44-1654-702782

Climate Action Network - UK CAN-UK

Nat. NGO. Info service. MO: Climate Action Network.
31 Pitfield Street, London N1 6HB
Att. Chris Gore
Ph: +44-207 251 9199
Fax: +44-207 251 9166

Cranfield University

Academic, research, energy efficient design, thermal insulation, solar energy, wind power.
Dept. of Applied Energy, Cranfield,
Bedford MK43 0AL
Att. Douglas Probert, Prof.
Ph: +44-1234-750111 ext. 5302
Fax: +44-1234-750728

Earthscan Publications Ltd

Int. Sustainable dev.
120 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JN
Att. Andy Young
Ph: +44-1712-780433
Fax: +44-1712-781142


Publisher of newsletters/books on EU energy and transport issues.
PO Box 145, Godalming, Surrey GU8 6DR
Att. Paul Lyons
Ph: +44-1252-702803


Bi-monthly Magazine.
Unit 18 Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots road, London SW10 0QJ
Att. Kate Holliday
Ph: +44-171-351-3578
Fax: +44-171-351-3617

Energy Advisory Associates EAA

Consultancy, publish books, RE, efficiency.
1 Moores Cottage, Bircher, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 0AX
Att. David Olivier
Ph: +44-1568-780868
Fax: +44-1568-780866

Energy and Environment Research Unit EERU

Research and courses, base for NATTA info network.
Fac. of Technology, Open University,
Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
Att. David Elliott
Ph: +44-1908-653335
Fax: +44-1908-653774

Energy Equipment Testing Service

R&D, test, manufacture.
Unit 2 Glan-y-Llyn Industrial Estate,
Taffs Well CF15 7JD
Att. Bruce M. Cross
Ph: +44-2920-820910
Fax: +44-2920-820911

Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd. ESD

Int. Consultancy. European RE website with general information, newsletter and commercial information.
Overmoor Farm, Neston, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9TZ
Att. Ian Mc Chesney
Ph: +44-1225-812102
Fax: +44-1225-812103

Energy Group

Training and research in RE. MSc and Post grad level.
University of Reading, Dept. of Engineering, Reading RG6 2AY
Att. Anne E. Wheldon, Dr.
Ph: +44-118-931-8756
Fax: +44-118-931-3327

Energy Initiatives

7 Unity Street, Bristol BS1 5HH
Att. Simon Roberts
Ph: +44-117-921-1921
Fax: +44-117-927-9623

Energy Unlimited

RE developer and consultant.
Dunblane, Stirling FK15 0EB
Att. Robert Forrest
Ph: +44-1786-825839
Fax: +44-1786-821133

Friends of the Earth England, Wales & Northern Ireland FoE EW&NI

Climate and Energy, 26-28 Underwood Street, London N1 7JQ
Att. Mark Johnston
Ph: +44-207-4901555/-5661672
Fax: +44-207-4900881

Greenpeace UK

Int. NGO. Phase out fossil fuels and replace wit wind, solar, wave.
Energy Campaign, Canonbury Villas,
London N1 2PN
Att. Ian Taylor, dr.
Ph: +44-207 8658247
Fax: +44-207 8658203

India Development Group ltd

68 Downlands Road, Purley,
Surrey CR 8 4JF
Att. Surur Hoda
Ph: +44-181-668-3161
Fax: +44-181-660-8541

Int. Institute for Energy Conservation, Europe Office IIEC

Int. NGO. Experts on EE and legislation. Energy Brigades.
Tavern Quay Commercial Centre, Rope street, Unit 21, London SE 16 1TX
Att. Aidan Lonergan, Veronica Vann
Ph: +44-20-7237 6523
Fax: +44-20 7237 2462

Intermediate Technology Publication Ltd

3rd world, sust. dev. bookshop, Publish "Appropriate Technology" magazine.
103-105 Southhampton Row,
London WC1B 4HH
Att. Guy Bentham, marketing
Ph: +44-1714-369761
Fax: +44-1714-362013

ISES - UK, Solar Energy Society of United Kingdom

Core member of INFORSE.
c/o School of Engineering, Oxford Brookes Univ., Gipsy Lane Campus, Headington, Oxford OX3 0BP
Att. Christiane Buckle
Ph: +44-1865-484367
Fax: +44-1865-484263

IT Power ltd

Int. consultancy in RE. Publish: IT Power News, Offices in Africa, Asia.
The Warren, Bramshill Road, Eversley, Hampshire RG27 0PR
Att. Anthony Derrick dir.
Ph: +44-118 973 0073
Fax: +44-118 973 0820

James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd

Publish 'World Directory of RE Suppliers & Services' Magazine 'Renewable Energy World'.
35-37 William Road, London NW1 3ER
Att. Edward Milford
Ph: +44-207-387 8558
Fax: +44-207-387 8998

London Energy & Environment Group LEEG

Voluntary, regional, EE in buildings.
934 Garratt Lane, London SW17 0ND
Att. Hugh Lockhart-Ball
Ph: +44-208-672-1056
Fax: +44-208-767-9401

Micro Hydro Center

Publish: Pico Hydro, quarterly.
Dept. of Electronic Engineering,
Nottingham Trent University, Burton Str., Nottingham NG1 4BU
Att. Nigel Smith
Ph: +44-115-8482031
Fax: +44-115-9486567

National Energy Foundation NEF

Nat. NGO, Charity, promotes RE, EE.
Davy avenue, Knowlhill, Milton Keynes MK5 8NG
Att. Gareth Ellis
Ph: +44-1908-665555
Fax: +44-1908-665577

Network for Alternative Technology Assessment NATTA

Nat. Int. NGO. RE, publish 'RENEW' newsletter bimonthly. 500 members.
c/o EERU, Faculty of Technology, Open University,
Milton Keyes MK7 6AA
Att. David Elliott dr./Tam Dougan
Ph: +44-1908-654638
Fax: +44-1908-653744

Parlimentary Renewable Energy Group PRASEG

35/37 Governor Gardens,
London SW1 0BS
Att. Alice Marlow
Ph: +44-207 2335887
Fax: +44-207 8280310

Pyrolisis Network for Europe PyNe

Bio-Energy Research Group, Aston University, Birmingham B4 7ET
Att. A.V. Bridgwater
Ph: +44-121-3593611
Fax: +44-121-3596814


ISES member's magazine.
Elsevier Advanced Technology, PO Box 150, Kidlington,
Oxford OX5 1AS
Att. Paul Spencer, editor
Ph: +44-1865 843648
Fax: +44-1865 843971

Royal Institute of International Affairs, Energy & Environment Program RIIA EEP

Studies, research, Publish Newsletter.
Chatham House, 10 St James's Square,
London SW1Y 4LE
Att. Gill Wilkins, Michael Grubb
Ph: +44-171-9575711
Fax: +44-171-9575710

Safe Energy, FoE Scotland

NGO. Anti-nuclear, pro efficiency & RE. organization and magazine,
Core member of INFORSE.
72 Newhaven Rd, Edinburgh EH6 5QG
Att. John Green
Ph: +44-1315-549977
Fax: +44-1315-548656

Shut Down Sizewell Campaign

Publish News.
Tudor House, St James Str., Dunwich,
Saxmundham, Suffolk IP 17 3DU
Att. Charles Barnett (Chairman)
Ph: +44-1728-648300
Fax: +44-1728-648300

Solar Century

Int. Solar PV service provider.
91-94 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London SE1 7AP
Att. Jeremy Leggett, Dr.
Ph: +44-0870 735 8100
Fax: +44-0870 735 8101

Southwark Energy Agency

EC supported agency. Promote RE, EE.
Associate member of INFORSE.
42 Braganzast, London SE17 3RT
Att. Chris Dunham
Ph: +44-20 7582 9191
Fax: +44-20 7582 4888

Stop Hinkley Expansion SHE

Local. NGO. Voluntary. Campaign against NPP and for RE.
Tavens High st, Carhampton, Minehead, Somerset TA5 1EX
Att. Hester Watson
Ph: +44-1643-821768

The Conservation Foundation

Int. NGO. Biannual Magazine. Projects supported by commercial organizations.
1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR
Att. David Shreeve
Ph: +44-207 5913111
Fax: +44-2075913110

The Greenhouse

Voluntary office, providing a peace center for Norwich.
Core member of INFORSE.
42-46 Bethel Street, Norwich,
Norfolk NR2 1NR
Att. Andrew John Downing
Ph: +44-1603-631007
Fax: +44-1603-219200

The Institute of Energy

Professional. Publish 'Energy World'.
18 Devonshire str., London W1G 7AU
Att. Louise Kingham
Ph: +44-20 75 807124
Fax: +44-20 75-804420


Univ. Quarterly bulletin on climate in dev. countries.
School of Environmental Sciences,
University of East Anglia,
Norwich NR4 7TJ
Att. Mick Kelly, editor
Ph: +44-1603-592722
Fax: +44-1603-507784

University of Sussex, Institute of Development Studies IDS

British Library for Development Studies
University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9RE
Att. Michael Bloom
Ph: +44-1273-606261
Fax: +44-1273-621202/691647

West Wales ECO Center

EE, RE advice, visitor center, edu.
Lower St Mary street, Newport,
Pembrokeshire SA42 0TS
Att. Pete Guest
Ph: +44-1239-820235
Fax: +44-1239-820801

Wind Directions EWEA newsletter

Hockpitt Farm, Nether Stowey, Bridge water, Somerset TA5 1EX
Att. Crispin Aubrey, editor
Ph: +44-1278-732921
Fax: +44-1278-732921

World Renewable Energy Network WREN

Organise WREC, World Renewable Energy Congress annually.
147 Hilmanton, Lower Early,
Reading RG6 4HN
Att. Ali Sayigh
Ph: +44-118-961-1364
Fax: +44-118-961-1365

Uzbekistan (CIS)

Int. Museum of Peace & Solidarity

NGO. 20,000 exhibit pieces from 100 countries. Human values, global challenges. Voluntary work.
PO Box 76, 703000 Samarkand
Att. Anatoly Ionesov
Ph: +7-998-662-331753
e-mail: (only txt!)



NGO. Society for dev. and application of science and practice in environment.
Gospodar Jovanova 20/VII,
11000 Beograd
Att. Mara Djukanovic, Prof. pres.
Ph: +38-1-11-623215/1-11-3244248
Fax: +38-1-11-3112909 c/o
e-mail: cvejic@eunet.yu,

Green Table/Zeleni Sto

Nat. NGO.
Njegoseva 56/1,1100 Beograd
Att. Dusan Vasiljevic
Ph: +38-111-457463/-63 772407 (mobil)
Fax: +38-111-457463
e-mail: greentbl@eunet.yu