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“Who’s Who” at INFORSE ? Secretariat, Regional Coordinators

INFORSE is a world-wide network of 200 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in more than 60 countries to promote sustainable energy and social development. INFORSE was established in Rio de Janeiro at the Global Forum in 1992.

INFORSE can be contacted:
Secretariat hosted by FED, Denmark
Regional Coordinators,
Sustainable Energy News hosted by OVE

In this issue, we overview of “Who’s Who at INFORSE ?”

INFORSE Secretariat
Forum for Energy & Development

FED hosts the Secretariat of INFORSE. FED was established in 1992 to secure follow-up on the political decisions at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

FED is a Danish umbrella organisation for 13 Danish NGO organisations. It was established to initiate as well as to nourish dialogue and cooperation between and among popular organisations engaged in the areas of energy, environment, and social development.

FED works to encourage the use of sustainable energy in social development around the world. As a main means to reach its goal, FED enhances the capacity of local communities and organisations to use renewable energy in a sustainable way. Furthermore, the organisation is an influential promoter of sustainable energy in national and global decision-making. Working Languages: Danish and English.

Michael Kvetny

(Born 1949)
Secretary General of FED since Nov. 1998. M.Sc. Economics.
Formerly: Energy planner at the consulting engineering company COWI for 10 years. 1996-97 project leader for the World Bank in Vietnam on a study of electricity supply in rural districts. 1981-88 worked at the Danish Energy Agency. Speaks English, Danish.

Ulrik Jacobsen

(Born 1962)
Program Consultant at FED since March 1999.
M.Sc. International Development Studies.
Ulrik is developing project proposals for donors and planning training, and ex-change of experiences.
Formerly: 3 years at UNDP in Indonesia working with environment and energy. Information officer in the Danish Agricultural Council. Teacher at the University of Copenhagen. Speaks English, Danish.

Thomas Lynge Jensen

(Born 1970)
Project Co-ordinator at FED since 1997.
M.Sc. Politics.
Thomas is working with sustainable energy on islands throughout the world.

Asger Garnak

(Born 1962)
Policy Officer at FED since August 1994.
M.Sc. Economics.
Asger is working with the Climate Convention, political decision-making on sustainable energy and microfinancing for development, also responsible for the accounts.
Formerly: Computer consultant. Speaks English, Spanish, Danish.

Susanne Backer

(Born 1961)
Program Consultant at FED since Aug. 1998.
M.Sc. Economics.
Susanne is working with the Desertification Convention, project- and program preparation, capacity-building, and dialogue with INFORSE members.
Formerly: Adviser for NGOs in Nepal at the Danish Association for International Co-operation for 5 years. Speaks English, French, Nepalese, Danish.

Johanne Gabel,

(Born 1970)
Information Officer at FED since May 1999.
M.Sc. Economics.
Johanne is working with public relations. She is editor of the newsletter of FED and Webmaster.
Formerly: Policy officer on energy in the National Association of Local Authorities in Denmark. Environmental analyst at a Danish political party. Speaks English, French, Danish.

INFORSE-Europe Coordinator & Sustainable Energy News

OVE -The Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy

OVE is one of the founding members of INFORSE. OVE-Europe hosts the editorial office of INFORSE’s quarterly newsletter the “Sustainable Energy News”. It also maintains the database of INFORSE’s members and the Contact List. OVE was established in 1975. OVE is an association of 3,000 Danish individuals and institutional members. OVE’s objectives are:

- to influence the energy policy to be more resource- and environment-concious, especially by facilitating the use of renewable energy

- to get the people informed of their possibilities to make their own action by installing renewable energy systems.

OVE publishes information materials, promotes campaigns, organises seminars, evaluates and comments on energy policy and related law, mainly in Denmark. OVE has conducted several energy research and policy projects.

OVE is also involved in cooperation projects in Europe, and in Thailand, and South Africa. OVE is member of FED, Climate Network Europe, and the European ECO-Forum.

Gunnar Boye Olesen

(Born 1961)
INFORSE Secretary, editor of “Sustainable Energy News”, INFORSE-Europe Coordinator since 1992.
Gunnar is working at OVE since 1990. Head of OVE-Europe since 1994.
MSc. in Engineering specialised in energy. Partner in and head of several research, policy projects, e.g., on renewable energy potential, electricity liberalisation, and with the Elfin computer model. Author and co-author of several publications. Speaks English, Danish some French, German.

Judit Szoleczky

(Born 1962)
Editor of “Sustainable Energy News” and researcher at OVE-Europe since 1994.
In 1993, post graduate on the UNCED’s energy policy process at the Technical University of Denmark and the Central European University. MBA in 1991, USA.
MSc. in Civil Engineering in Hungary, 1985.
Formerly: civil engineer, and vice-manager of a World Bank energy loan in Hungary.

INFORSE - South Asia Coordinator, India

Integrated Sustainable Energy and Ecological Development Association

INSEDA was formalised as a NGO network in October/November, 1995 after 15 years as an informal network. With 85 members, INSEDA is one of the largest NGO-networks that are exclusively involved in the systematic promotion and implementation of RETs in India as well as in bio-energy-based Sustainable Agriculture Development Programmes. Based on the suggestions of the members, INSEDA is presently developing a Master Proposal to promote about 50 Pilot Study-cum-Demonstration sustainable-energy-based, community-oriented Eco-Village Models. This is to be implemented by a group of selected NGOs.

Raymond Myles

(Born 1943)
General Secretary of INSEDA.
Formerly Raymond was INFORSE Regional Coordinator on behalf of AFPRO.
BSc. Agricultaral Engineering, University of Allahabad, India (1963), MSc. (course work, research, and thesis) University of Guelph (School of Agricultural Engineering), Ontario, Canada, (1970). Lived, worked, studied in Canada 1967-72. He worked for 20 years (1975-95) at Action For Food Production (AFPRO), of which he was Chief Executive Officer for 7 years. He initiated and established INSEDA.

Raymond has been intensively involved in providing services in social development and socio-technical disciplines, capacity-building, development of training materials, planning, designing, management, monitoring and evaluation of projects of NGOs.

INFORSE-Europe Coordinator), Slovakia


Foundation for Alternative Energy

FAE is devoted to promotion of renewable-energy technologies in Slovakia. Its work is mainly oriented to the education of the public (recently with students as its target group). FAE does lobbying related to climate change, and is core member of Climate Network Europe (CNE). FAE was established in 1991. Number of volunteers: 15. All members are registered inside the umbrella organisation SZOPK, Slovak Union of Nature and Landscape Protectors, which has 1000 members.

Typical projects: publications, building a demonstration Ekopark, lobbying in the Slovak parliament, commenting on energy policy for Slovakia, preparation of alternative energy plan, exhibitions, and collaboration on NGO summer camps. FAE prepares study materials for internet education on renewable energy technologies. - INFORSE involvement started in 1994.

Emil Bedi

(Born in 1954),
Head of FAE.
PhD in physics, nuclear physicist.
Working languages: English, German, Russian, Czech/Slovak.

INFORSE-Latin America Coordinator (Portuguese), Brazil

LIMA Laborat Interdisciplinar de Meio Ambiente

Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Environment

LIMA was launched in December, 1997 at the campus of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). LIMA gathers NGOs, research centers, industry.

LIMA catalyzes interdisciplinary projects in sustainable development through a private foundation, COPPTEC.

Recently, LIMA is cooperating with the IAIA (Intemational Association for Impact Assessment) and with the Master of Business in Environment Program.

Emilio Le La Rovere

Coordinator of LIMA.
Emilio was formerly INFORSE Regional Coordinator on behalf of IED.
Emilio is Professor at the Energy Planning Program at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Member of Working Groups in IPCC, Member of the Agenda 21 Commission of Rio de Janeiro. Consultant to several UN bodies and NGOs.

INFORSE-Latin America Coordinator (Spanish), Argentina


Network of Young Environment Researchers.

Red de Jes Investigadores en temas relacionados con el Medio Ambiente Founded in 1991. During its first years, REJIMA worked on environmental issues in general with a staff of 50 people. Today, REJIMA is working in renewable-energy campaigns and climate-change issues with around 10 people. REJIMA is member and founder of the Latin American NGO Youth Network for Sustainable Development. Founder of the Sustainable Energy Forum. Since 1997, REJIMA has been Regional Coordinator of INFORSE.

Alberto Roque Pedace

(Born 1956)
Biologist, MSc. in Science and Technology Policy.
Roque is head of a research project: “Wind and PV energy dissemination in Argentina” at the Center for Advanced Studies, Buenos Aires University. Roque is also Coordinator of Climate Change/Energy Campaign of FOE Argentina and General Secretary of FOE Argentina.
He was REJIMA representative at Rio’ 92 Global Forum.

Marcelo Luis Alvarez

(Born 1965)
Founder and President of REJIMA.
Marcelo studies Industrial Engineering.
Representative at the Climate Forum Berlin ’95.
1987-94 Coordintor of the Research Group of Solar Energy at the Physics Department of the Engineering Faculty of University of Buenos Aires. Since 1993, working at PV distributor companies, leading technical groups and designing, installing and marketing PV techology.

INFORSE- East & Southern Africa Coordinator, Kenya

FWD - Foundation for Woodstove Dissemination & AFREPREN -African Energy Policy Research Network

FWD is one of the founding members of INFORSE. FWD is a not-for-profit voluntary agency established to support agencies working on household energy and related biomass energy issues. It offers information and assistance to regional as well as national agencies and networks. FWD has a strong emphasis on enhancing the institutional, management, and technical capability of its network members. FWD publishes books on improved cookstoves; the FWD newsletter “Stove News”; several brochures; and the FWD Dossier series. FWD works closely with AFREPREN, a regional network with the key objective of strengthening local research capacity in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Lugard Majoro

BSc in Agriculture.
Lugard has worked with the FWD/AFREPREN Secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya since 1994.
Lugard has been involved in studies on energy use in transport, agriculture, energy pricing, power-sector reform, power-sector management and efficiency, and various RETs studies. He recently conducted a study for INFORSE on the role of the Kenya Ceramic Jiko in job creation and socio-economic development.

Stephen Karekezi

Executive Secretary of the FWD, Director of AFREPREN.
Engineer with post-graduate qualifications in management and economics.
He has written and co-authored 90 publications.

Timothy Ranja

Timothy has a background in natural sciences, with specialist training in geography and education. He has worked in the FWD secretariat in Nairobi since 1994, where he is currently responsible for providing technical support to two research programs.

INFORSE-West Africa Coordinator, Senegal

Enda-Energy Programme

ENDA is one of the founding members of INFORSE.

Established in 1982.

The team has 10 permanent staff who are engineers, economists, and environmentalists.

ENDA’s primary efforts include:

- Identification of the conditions needed for increased dissemination of alternative energy and of efficient energy technologies among the most underprivileged groups; focusing on energy use by grassroots communities, listening to the demands of the populations themselves in order to identify the solutions that would best serve their social and economic needs.

- Analysis and publication of information about the energy-environment relation and the problem of climate change as well as about desertification and its influence on African development priorities.

- Energy planning and management for sustainable development, analysis of the energy situation in African countries, energy information systems, energy policies as a part of development.

- Maintaining databases; direct field work, training, and lobbying African and International policy-makers.

Enda-Energy set up RABEDE, (African Network on Bioresources, Energy, Development, Environment) as well as edits and publishes several journals in French.

Masse Lo

Leading researcher at Enda-Energy since 1985.
BSc. in Applied Physical Geography and in Environmental Science.

Youba Sokona

Head Coordinator of Enda-Energy since 1987, and Research Coordinator since 1983.
Doctorate in Earth Science, Engineer specialised in "Technology, Energy, Environment“, Civil and Mining Engineer. Studied and worked as researcher and professor in Bamako and France.

Su Sarr

Researcher at Enda-Energy since 1992.
Master’s in Economics.
Secou is going to work on INFORSE’s input to COP3 of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification.

INFORSE-Eastern Asia & Pacific Coordinator, Thailand

Appropriate Technology Association (ATA)

ATA was founded in 1978.

ATA is a Natural Resource and Environmental Protection NGO. ATA conducts research. It also develops and disseminates appropriate technology (AT) that is inexpensive and easy to make, with emphasis on self-reliance of the community.

It also compiles existing AT from local and international sources, modifying, transferring and disseminating that technology to the public. It provides technical assistance and services on AT application and maintenance to solve specific needs or problems of individuals, groups, and institutions. ATA publishes a quarterly AT journal, newsletters, and handbooks.

ATA has more than 300 members with different occupational backgrounds. The office in Bangkok has 3 full-time staff members in addition to volunteers and part-time professionals assigned to specific tasks.

Among the projects are a cooperation project with the Danish Organisation of Denmark (OVE), Denmark on developing a sustainable energy information center with a newsletter in Thai/English; a windmill development project; and a UNICEF-supported local weaving project, along with projects on soil improvement and raising chickens.

ATA became INFORSE regional coordinator in 1999. The contact person is Chanchai Limpiyakorn. The previous regional coordinator was PCATT in the Phillippines.

All addresses of the INFORSE Regional Coordinators are on the back page