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Letters to the editor

About "Cultural Differences and Problems in Curing and Production" published in BASlN-News No 2

The production plant for tiles in Masaya is a quite artificial business and, therefore, hardly suitable to make any comparisons between the behaviour of the workers there and any other workers.

Just imagine, a business man sets up a business, takes care of the financing, buys the machinery, builds the plant, and finally lets others to do the rest.

Just imagine, he has not made any plan for the production plant site, has not employed any qualified workers, has not negotiated any working conditions, has not fixed the prices for the products ...

This is roughly how the production plant in Masaya was running. Now, it might be clear what I mean by saying "an artificial business". Luzius Harder hardly is to be blamed on the aboritive development, but he should supply us with the basic information. The reader must know where the information come from.

In Masaya, every worker had a certain job to do, operating the machine day after day or preparing mortar. Sometimes, more money was needed for the administration than for the production of tiles; this surely is not very motivating for the workers! Often, the production was stopped, and the workerhad to go for "holiday" without being paid, of course. It is obvious that the frequent changes of staff must have something to do with the bad conditions. A real team could never develop.

We should not compare chickens to telephones. If cultural differences were at stake here at all, we should rather discuss the culture how to run a business.