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close this bookSPORE Bulletin of the CTA No. 19 (CTA Spore, 1989, 16 p.)
View the document(introduction...)
View the documentPesticides: a two-edged sword
View the documentEducating the conscience of international businesses
View the documentIncorporating other means of control
View the documentPesticides: use with care
View the documentRats: thieves, vandals and murderers!
View the documentPROCELOS: Giving priority to local cereals
View the documentWhen the trees go what then ?
View the documentCotton
View the documentVanishing Land and Water
View the documentNitrogen-fixing cereals a step nearer
View the documentBacteria control soil vests
View the documentWater power newsletter launched
View the documentBirds control pod borers
View the documentSorghum biscuits
View the documentDenitrification workshop planned
View the documentSeed potatoes the size of a pea
View the documentCassava for shrimp feed
View the documentProcessing poultry in hot climates
View the documentBanana Wine
View the documentThe tree that makes water safe
View the documentIntercropping sugar cane
View the documentNew oilseed
View the documentWater goes further in supplementary irrigation
View the documentBiotechnologies and development
View the documentSorghum
View the documentCoffee
View the documentInformation sources
View the documentLong Ashton's Tropical Weeds Unit