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Copy Book

In the poorest countries there is a shortage of visual material to help development, and those aids which exist are often old, shoddy, and boringg. Moreover visual literacy itself tends to be low in rural areas precisely because people are unused to looking at, and interpreting, pictures.

Intermediate Technology has produced a book which, the publishers hope, will plug the gap and help stimulate the production of visual materials at local level. "The Copy Book" aims to encourage local workers to make their own drawings by copying and adapting the book's illustrations for their own use.

The contributing artists have agreed that the drawings in this book should be free of copyright restrictions. This means that any development worker is free to exploit the book, either as instant artwork or as source material.

The publishers emphasize that - because many of the illustrations have been produced in the UK - they are not specifically relevant to, or correct in, any particular country. They urge fieldworkers to adapt carefully and sensitively for local customs and situations.

"The Copy Book. Copyright-free illustrations for DeveIopment"

Intermediate Technology Publications Ltd.,
198, 110 pp ISBN 0 946688 443, available from:
Intermediate Technology Publicabons Ltd 103-105 Southampton Row
London WC8 4HH- UK

Soil Conservation in Ethiopian

CFSCDD (Community Forests and Soil Conservation Development Department) 1986

100pp, in the series "Guidelines for Development Agents'. The objective of this book is to simplify conservation planning while at the same time providing a sound scientific base for the measures to be applied.

It is intended primarily for the development agents who operate at farm level and who form the link between-the farmer and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Soil Conservation Research Project PO Box 2597- Addis Abbaba


Small Farmers' Associations and Agricultural Productivity, Cases from Africa by Hartmut Schneider. Development Centre Papers series. This report is part of the Development Centre research programme into small farmers organisations and productivity.

This programme was initiated in the summer of 1985, and the research carried out in 1986 and 1987.

It is divided into an introductory overview, presenting the potential for development of small farmers' organisations, and a series of case studies from Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Ghana.

1988, 198pp, available from:
Development Centre - OECD 94 rue Chardon-Lagache
75016 Paris, France

"Agroforestry Systems in the Tropics" edited by P.K.R. Nair, 1989 price DF1300. US$ 175.

UKL. 97, ISBN 90 247 3790 7 (hardback), published in association with ICRAF, available from: Kluwer Academic Publishers Spuilboulevard 50- POBox 17 3300 AA


IEMVT at the service of veterinary medecine and stock-keeping

L'Institut d'Elevage et de Medecine Veterinaire des pays Tropicaux (the Institute of Tropical

Veterinary Medicine and Stock-keeping) IEMVT, France has an information department to collect and disseminate scientific and technical documentation on the subject of stock- breeding and rearing: in tropical and equatorial Africa, South America and Asia.

The documentation centre and publishing service are at the disposal of all those involved in this field - research workers specialists, teachers and students both from France and from other countries.