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close this bookGATE - 4/89 - 1/90 - GATE's Cooperation Partner Programme (GTZ GATE, 1990, 40 p.)
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Dear Readers,

This issue of »gate« is devoted entirely to cooperation partnerships. There is a topical reason; for this, namely the recent meeting of representatives of all the I groups concerned with GATE staff, representatives of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ) and the churches (FAKT, MISEREOR). The first meeting of this kind was in Berlin in 1985.

This second seminar, in Bad Herrenalb was seen as a major milestone in the tradition of fruitful cooperation among the individual organizations, not only by GATE staff but by the cooperation partners as well. And the results of the seminar bear this out.

GATE's cooperation partners would like to contribute more of their knowledge of, and expertise in AT to GTZ's development effort. This was one result of the seminar. The other was that the I partner organizations themselves should in future have more say in the planning and organization of the GATE Cooperation Partner Programme. This would make it possible to support the partners more effectiveIy than hitherto.

Because GATE realized years ago that only close cooperation with its partners would lead to success. And this was why the Cooperation Partner Programme was set up. The number of partners has meanwhile increased to more than twenty.

Last but not least, I should mention that in the course of recent discussions on development policy we at GATE have also realized just how important non-governmental organizations and self-help groups are. But the subject in general is not whitout its controversial aspects, and it will no doubt give us food for thought for some time yet.

The articles in this issue will give you an idea of how GATE's I Cooperation Partner Programme is developing and of the progress it has made so far.

Dr. Peter Baz