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Building Animal Traction

New GATE Publications The Community Builders

If we are to promote real development we have to accept that creating self-sufficiency means people will want to decide for themselves. Building WITH the community is, however, inherently more difficult than providing FOR.

The guide describes the whole process of building a clinic together with the community and it is illustrated with a story set in rural community health care in Lesotho.

We follow the doctor from his first idea for re-organizing a mission clinic, right through to its completion when the nurse is in charge of the new building.

Iliff Simey: " The Community Builders. A Practical Guide where People Matter." GATE/Vieweg, 1989. 188 pp DM 29,80 ISBN 3-528-02043-1. For orderers from developing countries free of charge.

Harnessing and Implements for Animal Traction

This generously illustrated book contains a comprehensive study of harnessing techniques and animal traction implements. Harnessing options for oxen, horses, donkeys, camels and buffaloes are reviewed, together with a wide spectrum of tillage implements, seeders, animal-drawn carts and other draft animal technologies. For each of these topics, the reader is guided through definitions and terminology, recent developments, technological choices, design options and assessments of practical advantages and disadvantages in actual farming systems. The author also tackles the vital issues of the selection or design of implements, research strategies and the supply and manufacture of equipment.

The reader is encouraged and stimulated to see animal traction technology through farmer's eyes, and to reappraise future priorities for development projects, research institutions and extension programmes in the light of the past experiences in this field.

Several hundred carefully selected photographs and line drawings ensure that each subject is clearly illustrated, and make the publication attractive to a wide range of readers. Despite the wealth of information contained within this volume, the book constantly encourages readers to delve yet deeper into the subjects that interest them. Thus for every topic covered there are specific suggestions for further reading, together with the names and addresses of organizations with special interests in that field. This makes the book not only an authoritative reference work but also an invaluable resource book.

Paul Starkey: "Harnessing and Implements for Animal Traction",

GATE/Vieweg, 1989 245 pp. DM 36.
ISBN 3-528-2053-9. For orderers from developing countries free of charge.

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