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Economic Transformation

Hans Dieter Seibel: The Making of a Market Economy - Monetary Reform, Economic Transformation and Rural Finace in Vietnam.

Cologne Development Studies Vol.19. Verlag Breitenbach Publishers. Saarbr1992. 189 pp. (D-6600 Saarbr Memeler Str. 50 & Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33305, USA, P. O. Box 16243).

Like other socialist countries, Vietnam has ruined its economy through central planning. It turned into one of the world's poorest countries. Unlike other socialist countries, it embarked on a bold course of economic transformation and policy adjustment, maintaining at the same time its political stability. The impact on the economy was dramatic.

Through private land use, enlightened monetary, fiscal and trade reforms and reliance on its own strength rather than external depts, Vietnam managed to feed its growing population, became the world's third-largest rice exporter, escaped from hyperinflation and opened up to the outside world. Yet there are still immense unresolved problems, among them a virtually bankrupt state enterprise sector, the budget deficit and the absence of experience in market-oriented banking and private business.

During an international policy dialogue workshop in Hanoi, May 1992, some of these problems were addressed. Participating policy makers and experts jointly proposed a framework for further action, technical assistance and exchange of experience in the field of rural finance.

Roof Cover Guide

Paul Gut: Roof Cover Guide. Guide for the Design and Construction of FCR/ MCR tile roof covering, with Detailing.

SKAT, ILO, St. Galen, Geneve 1993. 74 pp. ISBN: 3-908001-27-7. SFr: 25,-, (SKAT-Bookshop, Vadianstr. 42, CH-9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland; ILO/INSTEAD, Route des Morillions 4, CH1211 Geneve 22, Switzerland).

This guide provides the necessary information on the design and construction of FCR/MCR tile roof cover. Emphasis is given to simple and basic roof forms. The book aims at helping to do proper detailing, and to build and maintain the roof cover in a sound manner. It deals with the different roof cover types, gives information about tile requirements and provides detailed solutions to all commonly occurring situations on roofs.

Roof Structure Guide Paul Gut: Roof Structure Guide. Basics for the Design and Construction of Lightweight Sloped Roof Structures, with a Sizing-aid for Timber Structures and Detailing.

SKAT/ILO, St. Gallen, Geneve 1993. 144 pp. ISBN: 3-908001-27-7. SFr: 35,-. (Skat-Bookshop, Vadianstr. 42, CH-9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland; ILO/INSTEAD, Route des Morillions 4, CH1211 Geneve 22, Switzerland.)

The guide provides information on how to design and build simple roof structures for light and even (non-curved) roof cover materials. It explains the basic principles of building static and structural design. Constraints determining the roof shape and earthquake and storm proof construction are discussed. It deals in brief with all the commonly known materials for roof structures with special emphasis on timber technology.

Climate Responsive Building

Paul Gut, Dieter Ackerknecht: Climate Responsive Building Appropriate Building Construction in Tropical and Subtropical Regions.

SKAT, St. Gallen 1993.323 pp. ISBN: 3-908001-39-0. SFr: 65,-. (SKAT-Bookshop, Vadianstr. 42, CH-9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland).

The book describes alternative techniques for designing buildings to specific climates in tropical and subtropical regions. Emphasis is given to "soft measures" and natural means that will reduce energy consumption, well considered construction and appropriate selection of materials. It gives the theoretical background which is necessary to understand the climate factors, the principles of thermal processes and climate design.

Several case studies analyze the thermal performance of various materials and structures and indicate their possibilities and limits to show the reader the magnitude of the effects of construction alternatives on climate performance.

Turbine Fabrication

Rolf Widmer, Alex Arter, Markus Eisenring: Cross Flow Turbine Fabrication.

MHPG Series: Harnessing Water Power on a Small Scale, Volume 4. SKAT, St. Gallen 1993.56 pp. ISBN: 3-90800117-X. SFr: 48,-. (SKAT-Bookshop, Vadianstr.42, CH-9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland).

This publication is a step-by-step workshop guide to fabricate the T12 cross flow turbine. In a logical sequence it illustrates each production step with more than 150 detailed photographs.

Turbine Design
Krishna Nakarmi, Alex Arter, Rolf Widmer, Markus Eisenring: Cross Flow Turbine Design and Equipment Engineering.

MHPG Series: Harnessing Water Power on a Small Scale, Volume 3. SKAT, St. Gallen 1993.40 pp. ISBN: 3-908001l. SFr: 20,-. (SKAT-Bookshop, Vadianstr.42, CH-9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland).

The book represents the feasible reply to the need of a satisfactory turbine which can be manufactured without the use of a foundry, the T12 turbine, which is a tested cross flow turbine model.

Medical Plants

Victor Lindenmayer, Gavino Severino, Yeni Cornelio, Lionel Germosen-Robineau: Manual par el uso de plantas

Note: Please order books, an notated in gate's "bookbox" directly from the publisher, medicinales. Plantas usadas contra problemas del higado.

Enda-Caribe, Santo Domingo 1993. 34 pp. ISBN: 8489538. (Enda-Caribe, Apdo. 3370 Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana).

A very useful manual about the use of medical plants for people suffering from a liver disease.