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close this bookHIV/AIDS Networking Guide - A comprehensive resource for individuals and organisations who wish to build, strengthen or sustain a network (International Council of AIDS Service Organisations, 1997, 48 p.)
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The community response to HIV/AIDS is a legacy of action. Within this rich history, we have accumulated the knowledge and capability to confront the evolving and complex challenges posed by this pandemic. From Thailand to the Republic of Congo, and from Poland to Peru, community action is making a difference.

Among the major challenges faced by community-based organizations working in HIV/AIDS throughout the world are dwindling resources and rising expectations. In effect we are expected to do more with less. Networking, by individuals and organizations at all levels - local, national, regional, and international - is one of the ways we are learning to operate more strategically. This is a powerful testament of our commitment to building solidarity and uniting in common cause.

From this spirit of solidarity, and in response to hundreds of requests for practical assistance to establishing and maintaining networking approaches, ICASO decided to produce this Guide. The Guide is, essentially, a tool to enable individuals and organizations to improve their ability to build and sustain a successful networking approach.

We also produced the Networking Guide with the hope that people and organizations will freely copy and share it with others in their local communities. As a basic tool, you can adapt it to your specific needs by adding sections relevant to your development. We encourage you to complete it with a resource list for your own country. And we would like to hear your opinions on the Guide so please complete and send to us the evaluation form at the end of the Guide. Good luck and continued strength and solidarity.

Abdelkader Bacha - AfriCASO
Jean-Jacques Thorens - EuroCASO
Jacqueline Coleman - NACASO
Tuti Parwati Merati and D Oetomo - APCASO
Juan Jacobo Hernez - LACCASO
Richard Burzynski - ICASO Central Secretariat

ICASO wishes to thank and acknowledge the contribution of the following individuals who contributed their experience and expertise to the development of this guide:

Bruce Waring, Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (Canada) · Jacqueline Coleman, National Minority AIDS Council, (USA) · Roger Drew, Family AIDS Caring Trust, (Zimbabwe) · Buelah Duke, Trinidad and Tobago National AIDS-Hotline, (Trinidad and Tobago) · Sarah Lee, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, (UK) · Sue Lucas, UK NGO AIDS Consortium (UK) · and D Oetomo, Gaya Nusantara, (Indonesia).

ICASO would also like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their contributions:

Joan Anderson, AIDS Committee of Toronto, (Canada) · Russell Armstrong, Canadian AIDS Society, (Canada) · Rita Arauz, Fundaciimehuatzin, (Nicaragua) · Maria de Bruyn, AIDS Coordination Bureau, (Netherlands) · Emily Chigwida, Zimbabwe National Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS, (Zimbabwe) · Children and AIDS International NGO Network, (Canada) · Paul Deany, Asia Harm Reduction Network, (Australia) · Geoff Foster, Family AIDS Caring Trust, (Zimbabwe) · Peter Gilles, (Canada) · Global Network of People Living With HIV/AIDS, (Netherlands) · El Hadj As Sy, ENDA Tiers Monde, (Senegal) · Juan Jacobo Hernez, Colectivo Sol, (Mexico) · Sylvia Huckerby, Boardwalk, (Canada) · Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development, (Canada) · Renate Koch, Acciiudadana Contre el SIDA, (Venezuela) · Phil Marshall, HIDNA, (Australia) · Mick Matthews, (UK) · Grant McNeil, Communication Works, (Canada) · Jeffrey O’Malley, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, (UK) · Ferai Mugweni, Southern African Network of AIDS Service Organizations, (Zimbabwe) · David Patterson, HIV and Development Programme, UNDP, (USA) · Allan Ragi, Kenya AIDS NGO Consortium, (Kenya) · Charles Roy, AIDS Committee of Toronto, (Canada) · David Shanks, (Canada) · Kate Thomsom, International Community of Women Living With HIV/AIDS, (UK) · and the National Council for International Health (USA).

The author - Bruce Waring - would like to thank Richard Burzynski and Yolanta Cwik, ICASO Central Secretariat, for their encouragement, valuable advice and assistance.