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close this bookWhere There Is No Doctor - A Village Health Care Handbook (Hesperian Foundation, 1993, 516 p.)
close this folderChapter 4 - HOW TO TAKE CARE OF A SICK PERSON
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Patient Report


Name of the sick person: ________________________ Age: _________
Male _____ Female _____ Where is he (she)? _____________________
What is the main sickness or problem right now? ___________________
When did it begin? ___________________________________________
How did it begin? ____________________________________________
Has the person had the same problem before? ____ When? ___________
Is there fever? ____ How high? ____ When and for how long? ________
Pain? ________Where? ____________________What kind? _________

What is wrong or different from normal in any of the following?

Skin: _________________________ Ears: _______________________
Eyes: ________________________Mouth and throat: _____________
Genitals: __________________________________________________
Urine: Much or little? __________Color? ______ Trouble urinating? __
Describe: ________________ Times in 24 hours: ___Times at night: ___
Stools: Color? _____________ Blood or mucus? _______ Diarrhea?____
Number of times a day: ____ Cramps? ____ Dehydration? _____ Mild or
severe? ______________Worms? ____ What kind? _________________
Breathing: Breaths per minute: _____ Deep, shallow, or normal? ______
Difficulty breathing (describe): _____________ Cough (describe): _____
_______________ Wheezing? _____ Mucus? _____ With blood? ______
Does the person have any of the SIGNS OF DANGEROUS ILLNESS?
__________ Which? (give details) _______________________________
Other signs: ________________________________________________
Is the person taking medicine? ______ What? ______________________
Has the person ever used medicine that has caused a rash, hives (or bumps)
with itching, or other allergic reactions? ______ What? _______________
The state of the sick person is: Not very serious: ______ Serious: _______
Very serious: ______________

On the back of this form write any other information you think may be important.