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close this bookGeneral Hygiene: Exposing Witches - Kenya (UNESCO-DANIDA - UNESCO, 2000, 40 p.)
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1. Why did the villagers believe that witches were causing the illness and death in their village? What does a Diviner do?

2. Where do flies pick up the germs that cause diseases?

3. How do people get malaria? Can anything be done to prevent this disease?

4. What did the butcher do wrong?

5. Why is it dangerous to eat food without cooking it first?

6. Do people bathe and wash in the river in the village where you live? Should they do this?

7. What is the proper way to throw away garbage? What is recycling? What kinds of things can be recycled?

8. How can you tell if water contains germs that cause disease? How can you make it safe to drink?

9. Who are the real witches in this village?

10. What does the Health Officer mean when she tells the villagers they have the solutions to their problems? Do you have solutions to your own problems, too?

11. What do you think of the villagers’ decision to boycott people who do not obey the new rules about hygiene? Would something like this work in your village?