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View the document1. Election of chairman of council
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View the document4. Quorum
View the document5. Courtesy
View the document6. Relevance
View the document7. Discipline
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View the document17. Procedural motions
View the document18. Amendment to motions
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View the document20. Postponements
View the document21. Next business
View the document22. Closure
View the document23. Adjournment
View the document24. Distribution of rules
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View the document26. Suspension of rules
View the documentIndex to rules of procedure to be followed at council, committee and general meetings

Index to rules of procedure to be followed at council, committee and general meetings

Absence of mover of motion 13
Adjournment 23
Amendments to motions 18
Amendments to rules 25
Closure 22
Chairmen 2
Chairman of Executive Committee 2
Committee reports or minutes 15
Control by Chairman of Council 5
Courtesy 5
Discipline 7
Distribution of rules 24
Election of Chairman of Council 1
Matters arising 10
Members 3
Moving of motions 11
Next business 21
Notices of motion 14
Postponements 20
Procedural motions 17
Quorum 4
Reference back 19
Relevance 6
Right of reply 9
Speeches 8
Suspension of rules 26
Voting 16
Withdrawal of motions 12