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Materials needed

A hammer-punch or drill is needed to make the holes in the logs into which the spawn will be placed. The hammer-punch, as shown in Figure 32, is specifically designed to make the holes in wooden logs for wood ear mushroom cultivation. Hammer-punches are available at most outlets that sell wood ear mushroom spawn. While it is expensive--one hammer costs approximately B130-150 it is very easy to use, takes much of the work out of hole making, and can be used. for many years. It is not necessary for each farmer to have a hammer-punch; one can be purchased and kept at a farmer's house or at an agriculture extension office for many farmers to use as needed. However, if you don't want to use a hammer-punch, a common drill (manual or electric) will work as well. All that is needed is any available device that will make holes in the logs.

Figure 32: Hammer-Punch with Adjustment Head