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close this bookEnvironmental Handbook Volume I: Introduction, Cross-sectoral Planning, Infrastructure (GTZ, 1995, 591 p.)
close this folderGuidelines for conducting a comprehensive study of a project's environmental aspects
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View the document1. Definition of the area(s) affected
View the document2. Existing stresses and stability/stress resistance of ecosystems
View the document3. Description of stresses originating from the project
View the document4. Assessment of future overall stresses and their impacts
View the document5. Recommendations for environmentally sound options
View the document6. Overall assessment and decision-making aids

3. Description of stresses originating from the project

3.1 Description of processes and project activities with environmental relevance

- Products/economic goal

- Description of process, including information on transportation, storage and handling of toxic substances

- Raw materials and equipment used

- Residual (waste) materials, solid wastes and wastewater

- Energy requirements

- Possible malfunctions/operating problems and their consequences

- Planned occupational safety measures

3.2 Direct stresses and risks originating from the project

3.2.1 Atmospheric emissions (Individual aspects as in 2.1)

3.2.2 Introduction of substances into surface waters and groundwater (Individual aspects as in 2.2 and 2.3)

3.2.3 Introduction of substances into the soil (as a sink)

3.2.4 Waste materials, solid wastes and wastewater

- Quantity and nature of waste materials, solid wastes and wastewater produced
- Recycling in connection with the project
- Disposal facilities created specially for the project
- Guaranteed connection to proper disposal systems

(If special recycling or disposal facilities are necessary for industrial projects or large-scale settlement projects, these must undergo environmental impact assessment in connection with the project or separately.)

- Eventual destination of excavated material or mining waste

3.2.5 Noise and vibration

3.3 Indirect impacts of the project

3.3.1 Impacts resulting from extraction of mineral resources for use as materials in the planned project

3.3.2 Impacts of the project on use of groundwater and surface water and on drawing-off of water

3.3.3 Impacts resulting from the use of self-regenerating and non-self-regenerating resources

3.3.4 Impacts resulting from expansion and intensification of land use (including consequences of displacing previous users)

3.3.5 Impacts resulting from off-project disposal of solid wastes

3.3.6 Impacts of infrastructure measures

3.3.7 Impacts occurring during the construction phase

- Energy consumption and meeting of energy requirements
- Potential labour force
- Socio-economic impacts (new settlements, increased gender-specific workload etc.)