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close this bookThe Courier N° 133 - May - June 1992 - Dossier : Environment and Development - Country Reports - Côte d'lvoire - Papua New Guinea (EC Courier, 1992, 104 p.)
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Meeting point: Daniel Assoumou Mba

An agricultural economist from Cameroon, Daniel Assoumou Mba has been running the Technical Centre for Agricultural Cooperation, CTA, since it was set up under LomI. The most recent of the specialist ACP-EEC institutions to see the light of day, the CTA is now well known to its ACP users. It is ready to help take up the challenges facing agronomics researchers in Africa in the 1990s.

Country reports

CE D'IVOIRE: For a long time, the Republic of Cd'lvoire was regarded as a showcase of West Africa, and in fact it remains so to a considerable extent. But, like most other African states, it has been shaken by a crisis on two levels-economic and political. Democracy needs to be built on a foundation which has now been weakened by serious economic problems. What is to be done to surmount these difficulties? The Courier investigates and speaks to Prime Minister Ouattara.

Papua New Guinea: According to the publicity, Papua New Guinea is ´The Eldorado of the South Pacific' about to be discovered by the rest of the world. It is certainly a land which is rich in resources still to be exploited and with a history of liberal economic management, but it also has unique social and cultural traditions which do not always lie comfortably with modern development concepts. The Courier examines this dichotomy more closely.

Dossier: Environment and Development

The deterioration of the environment caused by various forms of pollution threatens the very survival of humanity -whether one looks at it in the health context or from the point of view of economic development. With this in mind, an 'Earth Summit', which will bring together the majority of the world's states, will shortly convene in Rio de Janeiro. The Dossier analyses the important issues at stake in the discussion over the environment and development.