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close this bookThe Courier N 150 - March - April 1995 - Dossier: Refugees - Country Reports: The Bahamas, Guyana (EC Courier, 1995, 104 p.)
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Meeting point: Sadako Ogata

As High Commissioner responsible for the world's 23 million refugees, Sadako Ogata is faced with a daunting challenge. While the scale, scope and complexity of humanitarian crises ore taxing the capacity of relief organisations, Mrs Ogata nonetheless thinks that viable solutions do exist. What is needed, she believes. is a better international legal structure that addresses the needs of uprooted people in a clear and accessible manner. For this to occur, the international community must take the political initiative and focus resources in such areas as prevention and setting minimum standards of treatment for asylum seekers Pages 3 to 4

ACP: Joint Assembly In Dakar

The long-runninq saga of the LomV mid-term review once again dominated the Joint Assembly's proceedings. Hopes that all the outstanding problems would be resolved by early this year proved optimistic, and members thus had another 'bite at the cherry' in their efforts to influence the negotiators. The Assembly also discussed the key subject of infrastructures and had its first opportunity to quiz Professor Pinheiro. the new Development Commissioner

Country reports: The Bahamas

Many people regard The Bahamas as a stamping ground for the rich-a semi-tropical tax haven where tourists flock to escape the winter chills of the north. As The Courier discovered. there is a lot more to this island country which straddles the Caribbean/Atlantic divide. It has the problems of uneven development that are a feature of many archipelagic nations, and faces new competitive challenges in a rapidly changing region and world) We look at what the Bahamians are doing to meet these challenges


The only English speaking nation on the South American continent, Guyana is a country whose image among foreigners is somewhat out of focus. Its ecological obsessions-the constant threat of being swamped by the sea and the need to protect the tropical forest and sites of special natural interest have raised barely a flicker of interest abroad. The same is true of the idiosyncrasies displayed in the exotic form of communism practised in former times, and the exemplary way in which Guyana has since resumed a democratic path. Vet this country, which the Spanish conquerors believed to be Eldorado, conceals an abundance of wealth and originality.

Dossier: Refugees

The outlook for the world's refugees and displaced people does not look promising. The resources and Personnel of the international agencies-not to mention the host countries-are increasingly coming under strain in the face of huge population movements. In the Dossier we explore some of the issues surrounding the plight of refugees, with a focus on the different categories of refugee that exist and the struggle they face in trying to maintain a minimum quality of life. The European Union's response to those who seek asylum in Member states is also discussed together with some of the options And possible solutions for Ameliorating refugee conditions.