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New Network Overcomes Lack of Expertise in East Africa - Environmental Impact Assessment

Training course participants, who launched the new network. Authors of the articles: Timothy Byakola (sitting 1st row 2nd from right), and John Tumuhimbise, (3rd row 2nd from right).

By Timothy Byakola, Climate and Development Initiatives (CDI) INFORSE member, Uganda

A new networking initiative to promote Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) in the East-African region has been formed.

· The Environment Impact Assessment for East Africa (EIANEA) was launched in September 2000 during a regional training course on EIA at MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation in Arusha, Tanzania.

· The course attracted 19 participants from Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. It was organised by the Danish NGO “Forum for Energy and Development” (FED), and funded by the Danish government through the DANIDA Fellowship Programme.

· This course was organised in recognition of the many environmental impacts that can result from development activities in which NGOs and governmental authorities are involved.

· The course was very successful in trying to ease the present shortage of local expertise, providing practical tools and methods for assessing environmental impacts in the region.

· EIANEA is to increase networking and information sharing among EIA practitioners in the region.

· The network will contribute to increased awareness of the use of EIA in development planning, as well as provide a platform for capacity-building and research about EIA.

· The regional coordination office for EIANEA is hosted by the INFORSE member “Climate and Development Initiatives” (CDI) in Uganda, with national coordination offices at Econews Africa in Kenya and at MS in Tanzania.

· The network will complement and work with similar network initiatives such as the International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA) and Capacity Development and Linkages for EIA in Africa (CLEIAA).

Regional Coordinator, Environment
Impact Assessment Network/or East Africa (EIANEA)
Climate and Development Initiatives, P.O. Box. 8849 Kampala, Uganda.
Ph: 256-41-259521,
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