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The community environment

Your community center can start a project to make the community a more attractive environment. Plants and flowers can be grown and placed around the center building, or elsewhere in the community as a demonstration project. Members of the community can be encouraged to grow similar plants or flowers for their homes. Try to obtain native plant or flower seeds from a government agriculture service or collect them from wild plants and flowers.

Suggestions in Appendix C may help you to make or improve an existing garden or park where space is available. You might provide space in a community garden for adult games, as well as climbing materials for children such as rocks or logs. A feature such as a bird bath (Appendix F) might also be considered to add interest to a garden space.

- A community tree-planting project could be planned if you can get seedling tree donations and instructions for care from the government agricultural agent.

- You can encourage the community to look at the beauty of its environment by providing for a rest stop in an attractive place (Appendix E).

- You might propose a community or school project to provide a number of litter cans to be placed around the community. Empty oil or kerosene cans can be cleaned, painted, decorated, or lettered with a message Part of the project must be the continued collection of litter from the cans, and its dumping in a planned disposal place.

Projects which visibly improve the quality of your community's environment will encourage those same qualities which are necessary for conservation action at any level: awareness, understanding, respect and responsibility.

Community tree-planting project