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close this bookHow to Act after Accidents caused by Electrical Current - Course: Basic skills and knowledge of electrical engineering. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 20 p.)
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2. Rescue of Injured People out of Electric Plants below 1 kV

Rescue measures

- Breaking of the fault-current circuit by

· switching off the light or machine switch
· pulling the plug out of the socket
· removing the fuses
· creating a short circuit, for example with the help of tools which have an insulated handle

- Rescue of the injured person

· rendering of first aid

Measures to protect the rescuer

- Insulating his position by

· wood chairs, wood tables, wood ladders
· repeatedly folded newspapers, books
· rubber or plastic mats
· glass panes

- Insulating the position of the injured person by putting underneath

· rubber or plastic mats
· dry wooden plates
· fabric reinforced laminate plates

- Removing the injured person out of the fault circuit by the rescuer by

· his insulated hands (working gloves, dry clothes)
· a dry plank or wooden bar
· insulated cables or plastic ropes

Why must the rescuer never touch the injured person with bare hands?