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close this bookAPPEAL - Training Materials for Continuing Education Personnel (ATLP-CE) - Volume 2: Post-Literacy Programmes (APEID - UNESCO, 1993, 112 p.)
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Annex: List of Participants



Dr. G. Rex Meyer
Educational Consultant
P.O. Box 154
(171 Copeland Road)
Beecroft N.S.W. 2119
Tel. 61-2-4841597
61-2-4843786 (messages)
Fax. 61-2-8753638

(People’s Rep of)

Mr. Dong Mingchuan
Adult Education Department
State Education Commission
37, Damucang Hutong
Xidan, Beijing 100816
People’s Republic of China
Tel. 6020434
Fax 6013648

Ms. Dong Jianhong
Programme Officer
Chinese National Commission for UNESCO
37, Damucang Hutong
Xidan, Beijing 100816
People’s Republic of China
Tel. 6022730
Fax 6017912


Dr. W.P. Napitupulu
Ministry of Education and Culture
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman - Senayan
Jakarta 10270, Indonesia


Mr. Shinji Tajima
Head of Literacy and Book Development Division
Asian Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)
6, Fukuromachi, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, 162, Japan
Tel. (03) 3269-4445
Fax (03) 3269-4510


Mr. Mohd Hoesne Hussain
Deputy Director-General
Community Development Division
Ministry of Rural Development
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel. 2326697 (Res.)


Dr. Estela Ll. Garcia
Director III
Bureau of Non-Formal Education
Department of Education, Culture and Sports
Mabini Building
University of Life Complex
Meralco Avenue, Pasig
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. 99-09-46 (Res.) 693-66-71 (Off.)


Dr. Choi Un-Shil
Division Chief of Non-formal Education
Korean Educational Development Institute
92-6, Umyeon-Dong, Secho-Gu
137-791, Seoul
Republic of Korea
Tel. 8-02-572-5121
Fax 8-02-572-7261


Dr. Surat Silpa-Anan
Non-Formal Education Department
Ministry of Education
Bangkok 10300, Thailand
Tel. 2829718
Fax (02) 2829718

Miss Kannikar Yaemgeasorn
Head, Personnel Development and Training Division
Non-formal Education Department
Ministry of Education
Bangkok 10300, Thailand
Tel. 2821895
Fax (02)2813732


Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (PROAP)

Mr. T.M. Sakya
Educational Adviser and Co-ordinator «APPEAL»

Ms. Wallapa Aramwitha