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Mike Anane is Editor of The Triumph newspaper and Founding President of the League of Environment Journalists in Ghana.

Tanveer Arif is President of the Pakistani NGO, Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE).

Lawrence Arturo is the Director of the Office of the Environment, Bah International Community.

Tom Bigg is the Administrator of the United Nations Environment and Development UK Committee (UNED-UK).

Hazel Brown is Executive Officer, Network of NGOs of Trinidad and Tobago for the Advancement of Women.

Katongo Chisupa heads the Communications Unit of the Environmental Council of Zambia.

Kevin Cook is the Global Publications Officer for Consumers International.

Nigel Cross is the Executive Director of the Panos Institute in the United Kingdom.

Felix Dodds is Coordinator of the United Nations Environment and Development UK Committee (UNED-UK).

Eric L. Hyman is Programme Economist at Appropriate Technology International.

Magdi Ibrahim is Programme Coordinator at Environnement et Developpement au Maghreh ( ENDA - Maghreb ).

Ashish Kothari is a lecturer in environmental studies at the Indian Institute of Public Administration.

Olga Ponizova is a researcher in the Department of Economics at Moscow State University.

Jacqueline Roddick is Coordinator of the Scottish Academic Network on Global Environmental Change.

Barbara Rutherford is Policy Coordinator, Water Pollution and Toxics at the World Wide Fund for Nature International (WWF).

Jan Karel Sorgedrager coordinates the UNDP/UNV Eco-Volunteer project at the Environment Liaison Centre International in Kenya.

Kerrie Strathy is the Women and Education Adviser at the South Pacific Action Committee for Human Ecology and Environment.

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz is Executive Director of the Cordillera Women's Education and Resources Centre in the Philippines.

Vida Ogorelec Wagner is Executive Manager of the Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Judy Walker is Director, Membership and Information Services at the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).

Dominic Walubdngo is Director of the Forest Action Network in Kenya.
Kitty Warnock is Environment Programme Director at the Panos Institute.

Samuel Watchueng is in charge of the Urban Environment Sector at ENDA-Maghreb.