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Exercise 27: Planning a Workshop

source: TFT 2:109


The “Organising a Workshop” form is given to all participants. Each person is asked to complete the form by doing two tasks:

1. Placing the tasks in order

2. Making a time-table of events (which tasks have to be done at the same time, which have to be completed before others can follow...?)

The animator can fix a deadline for the workshop (i.e. July 1-5).

After the participants have completed the form, they are asked to form small groups and compare their results. Each group can then draw a list of pictures in the order they have agreed on a piece of newsprint.

These results are collected and discussed in the big group in the end.

Organising a Workshop:

You are a member of a team planning a workshop for group workers on district level. Your team is responsible for planning, managing and staffing the workshop. Below you will find a list of things that need to be done to make sure the workshop will take place.

Your task now is to place them in order according to what you think needs to be done first, second... and which things need to be done at the same time. When you have finished, put dates when each task needs to be completed.

A - hold a planning meeting of the staff for the workshop going into detailed planning
(for example with the BIDEE)

B - send letters of invitations to participants and ask them for their expectations

C - book the training center

D - evaluate with the team details and changes you would have made in the whole workshop

E - pick up material needed (films, books, newsprint, crayons...)

F - team meets to plan the purpose of the workshop, dates, participants...
(i.e. with the Berlin-model)

G - pay training center and other invoices

H - workshop begins

I - reminders are sent to all participants who have replied to the invitation to come to the workshop with time, place and further information (what to bring, sharing transport...)

J - return borrowed materials

K - book materials (films, projectors, tape-recorders...)

L - reconfirm booking at the training center giving exact number of people expected

M - duplicate handouts needed

N - send letters of invitation to other resource persons needed


One solution for this exercise is as follows. It helps the participants to develop another suitable plan of their own:

The arrows show direct linkages between tasks directly following each other. Therefore some of the lines stop, while others continue throughout the planning process.


Time: about 2 hours

Materials: newsprint, crayons, tape, one copy of the form for each participant


Moderating and planning of learning events can be done with the help of certain methods. It can be learned by using and practising them each time there is the opportunity to do so.