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These guides are intended to be a self-contained package of instructional materials, enabling the leader of a group of rural youth to effectively communicate basic population-related concepts to the group members. The overall objective is to instill in rural youth the understanding that rapid population growth affects nearly all aspects of rural life, and that they themselves are the ones who can affect the population growth rate.

However, no education materials alone can be expected to "solve" the "population problem." To be effective, population education must be allied with a full range of health and social services, including family planning.

Finally, it must be remembered that population education is just one link in the overall chain of integrated rural development. Only by working together on a wide range of issues can we hope to provide a better life for ourselves and our children.

Booklets in this Leaders Guide Series:

Population and Agriculture
Population, Employment and Income
Population and the Environment
Population and Nutrition
Population and Health
The Family and Family Size
Human Growth and Development
Responsible Parenthood
How the Population Changes
Community Involvement

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Integration of Population Education into Programmes for Rural Youth INT/88/P9