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The Global Agenda

NGO Push Needed


By Michael Kvetny, INFORSE Secretariat

INFORSE coordinators decided on their meeting in October, 1999 to keep an eye on the global process towards sustainable energy. This global process have started with preparations for the 9th Session of the Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD9) in 2001. Among the preparations are:

· The World Energy Council and the UNDP have launched a World Energy Assessment (WEA);

· The European Union is preparing a strategy paper.

Both papers will be presented at the preparatory meeting towards CSD9 - ad-hoc energy-expert meeting - in March, 2000, in New York.

INFORSE coordinators further decided on their meeting to advocate firm decisions at the global level to secure substantial output from this huge diplomatic exercise.

The papers prepared by the European Union and the World Energy Council reflect the necessity to change direction towards sustainable use of energy.

However, experience shows that very little has been done so far at the global level. The barriers to penetration of renewable energy are very high.

Therefore, NGOs must pay attention to the CSD9 process and push their governments to change direction.

The CSD9 process will focus on important issues like creating a framework for an efficient market for renewable energy, raising awareness, building capacity, and establishing new funding mechanisms designed for renewable energy.

All of these are issues in which NGOs have an important role to play.

INFORSE strongly support:

· The "Wind Force 10" campaign (10% of the world's electricity to be derived from wind energy by 2020) should be followed by efficient measures to implement the policy.

· Development banks should create new funding mechanisms to meet the demands of minor decentralised renewable-energy schemes.

· A major pilot program for "renewable-energy islands" to demonstrate renewable-energy technologies as a relevant and realistic option.

More information can be seen later on:

INFORSE Exhibition Against Desertification


By Secou Sarr, ENDA-Energie, INFORSE West Africa coordinator

When the countries met for the third conference (COPIII) of the Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), in Recife, Brazil, in November 1999, INFORSE was actively promoting sustainable energy solutions.

During the conference, the INFORSE network, through its West African coordinator, organised an exhibition showing the results of a two-month process to identify renewable-energy projects that support the fight against desertification. The process involved projects and organisations in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, and the Republic of Guinea. The exhibition was also used as a point of distribution of Sustainable Energy News' special issue on "sustainable energy to combat desertification" in English and French. More than 700 copies were handed out during the conference.

In addition to this awareness-raising, the INFORSE network participated in the various actions organised by the RIOD (International Network of NGOs to Fight Desertification). The actions were focussed on national action plans to combat desertification, and they included discussions of the necessary funds related to these plans.

Photos from the special issue of Sustainable Energy News distributed on the conference.



Various other informal meetings were organised, primarily with the active members of INFORSE that were present, but also with official delegations, including the delegation of Denmark.

Information on INFORSE activities on Desertification: INFORSE West Africa, ENDA-Energie, Senegal, att. Secou Sarr e-mail:,
ph: +221-822 5983/-822 2496,
fax: + 221-821 7595/-823 5157.

Huge Step for Islands

PV Solar Home System on the island of Atata in Tonga. Photo by Ministry of Land, Survey and Natural Resources, Kingdom of Tonga.

Global Secretariat for Renewable Energy Islands


By Thomas Lynge Jensen, Global Island Secretariat, Denmark

The Forum for Energy and Development (FED), a Danish NGO umbrella organisation, has now established a secretariat for renewable energy islands.

This major step was based on the recommendations of the "First Global Conference on Renewable Energy Islands" in September 1999 on and in Denmark. The delegates from 22 organisations and 34 islands of the world called for a forum for the renewable energy issues of the islands. The need to develop the renewable-energy sector of island-state economies was also in line with the Program of Action agreed upon in Barbados by the 1994 "Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS)".

6 of the 25 VERGNET SA wind turbines in the 1.5 MW wind/arm on the island of Marie-Galante in the French West Indies. Photo by ADEME Guadeloupe.

Towards the 2nd Global Island Conference

A draft Action Plan is under preparation by the Secretariat. The draft is expected to be approved at the "Second Global Conference on Renewable Energy Islands", which is scheduled for the end of this year or for early 2001, at American Samoa.

450 kW wind farm on the Cuban Island of Turiguano.

The Action Plan focuses on 3 main areas:

· Information

The Secretariat will distribute information on renewable energy developments on islands via the webpage of SIDS ( and via other relevant media. Best practises and guidelines for available technologies will be identified. Lists of experts and consultants on the development of renewable energy on islands will be compiled.

· Demonstration

Demonstration programmes for selected island states will be prepared for discussion at two workshops, one in the Caribbean and one in the Pacific.

Waiah hydroelectric plant, Island of Hawaii. Photo by Energy, Resource & Technology Division, State of Hawaii.

· Funding

Possible funding mechanisms will be investigated especially for renewable energy on island states.

The First Global Conference was arranged by the Forum for Energy and Development (FED). It was funded by the European Commission, the Danish Government, the Danish Council for Sustainable Energy, and FED.

More information:

- Proceedings, findings, and recommendations of the conference can be found at:

The price for the proceedings in print is US$ 30 postage included.

- Global Island Secretariat c/o FED/INFORSE Secretariat, Thomas Lynge Jensen, Blegdamsvej 4B, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark.
Ph: +45 35 24 77 13,
fax: +45 35 24 77 17,