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close this bookGeneral Hygiene: Exposing Witches - Kenya (UNESCO-DANIDA - UNESCO, 2000, 40 p.)
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Some other titles in this series

· From Tears to Cheers (Zambia) Women’s financial self-reliance

· Yaba’s Dream (Cote d’Ivoire) Exploitation of young girls employed as maids

· The Witch or the Sickman (Mali) Superstitions about goiters and their prevention

· Me, You And AIDS (Kenya) HIV/AIDS and its prevention

· Give Girls A Break (Gambia) Child marriage

· From Blindness to Cash (Malawi) Vegetable gardening business

· Stop This Violence (Kenya) Domestic violence and alcoholism

· The Challenge of Youth (Senegal) Sexual behaviour among young people

· Parents Need to Go to School (Benin) Literacy and basic education for adults

· The Secret of Happiness (Togo) Birth spacing

· Tade, the Good Example (Cote d’Ivoire) The importance of girls’ education

· No More Worms (Niger) Filtered water for healthy living

· Women’s Rights to Education (South Africa) Literacy for women

· And the Women Had A Break (Kenya) Water carrying and sharing housework

· The Little House (Burkina Faso) Promoting the use of latrines

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