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close this bookGuidelines for the Management of Professional Associations in the Fields of Archives, Library and Information Work (UNESCO)
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close this folder1. Professional associations
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close this folder2. Role and function of library, information science and archive professional associations
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close this folder3. Organisational structure
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close this folder3.4. Objectives
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View the document3.4.1. Personal members’ services
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close this folder4. Governance of the association
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View the document4.3. The council
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close this folder6. Programmes and services
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close this folder6.1. Personal services
View the document6.1.1. Careers advice
View the document6.1.2. Education*
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View the document6.1.4. Seminars and conferences*
View the document6.1.5. Salaries and conditions of service work
View the document6.1.6. Job market and career development
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close this folder6.2. Institutional
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View the document6.2.6. Public awareness*
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close this folder6.3. Other services - both to personal and institutional members
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close this folder7. Policies, planning and procedures
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close this folder7.1. Policy - definition
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View the document7.1.1. Policies
View the document7.1.2. Internal
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View the document7.1.4. Code of conduct
View the document7.2. Formulation
View the document7.3. Policy activities
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close this folder8. Finance : accounts and budgeting
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close this folder8.2. Accounts maintenance
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close this folder8.3. Financial reports
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View the document8.3.1. Statements of revenues and expenditures
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close this folder8.4. Internal controls
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View the document8.4.2. Cash flow
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close this folder8.6. Sources of income
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View the document8.6.3. Association services income
View the document8.6.4. User-service sources
View the document8.6.5. Grant-aid and foundations
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close this folderAppendix I
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View the document1. Election of chairman of council
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View the document7. Discipline
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View the document10. Matters arising
View the document12. Withdrawal of motions
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View the document14. Notices of motion
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View the document16. Voting
View the document17. Procedural motions
View the document18. Amendment to motions
View the document19. Reference back
View the document20. Postponements
View the document21. Next business
View the document22. Closure
View the document23. Adjournment
View the document24. Distribution of rules
View the document25. Amendment to rules
View the document26. Suspension of rules
View the documentIndex to rules of procedure to be followed at council, committee and general meetings
close this folderAppendix II
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View the documentDetermination of personnel needs
View the documentRecruitment and selection
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close this folderAppendix III
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View the documentCode of professional conduct
View the documentGuidance notes on the code
View the documentThe status of the code
View the documentThe substance of the code
View the documentUpdating professional expertise
View the documentSupervision of staff and trainees
View the documentDuty to client and employer
View the documentPromoting access to information
View the documentDiscrimination on race, colour, creed, gender and sexual orientation
View the documentConfidentiality
View the documentPersonal financial interest
View the documentCriminal offences
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