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close this bookExport Marketing for a Small Handicraft Business (Oxfam, 1996, 192 p.)
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View the documentIntroduction
close this folder1 The marketing mentality
View the document1.1 What is marketing?
View the document1.2 Analysing your options
View the document1.3 Domestic and overseas markets
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close this folder2 The business approach
View the document2.1 Alternatives for exporting
View the document2.2 A marketing plan
View the document2.3 Researching the market
View the document2.4 Matching resources to plans
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close this folder3 Markets and their characteristics
View the document3.1 The perception of value
View the document3.2 Competition
View the document3.3 Market structures
View the document3.4 The costs of distribution
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close this folder4 Reaching your customer
View the document4.1 Means of communication
View the document4.2 Buying procedures
View the document4.3 Contact by correspondence
View the document4.4 Meeting buyers
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close this folder5 Support for handicraft exporters
View the document5.1 The international trading environment
View the document5.2 Trade promotion programmes
View the document5.3 The fair trade network
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close this folder6 Designing and producing for export
View the document6.1 Taste in the market place
View the document6.2 Product development
View the document6.3 Quality control
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close this folder7 Presenting your product
View the document7.1 Labels and packaging
View the document7.2 Increasing the value of your offer
View the document7.3 Pricing
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close this folder8 Fulfilling orders
View the document8.1 Supplying to specification
View the document8.2 Keeping in touch with the customer
View the document8.3 Packing for export
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close this folder9 Despatching export consignments
View the document9.1 Exporting and importing formalities
View the document9.2 International transportation
View the document9.3 Methods of payment
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View the documentConclusion
View the documentNotes and references
View the documentAddresses of organisations referred to in this book
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