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View the documentFunding for INFORSE Members - The South-South-North Co-operation Fund has US$ 13,000 for 2001

Funding for INFORSE Members - The South-South-North Co-operation Fund has US$ 13,000 for 2001

Members of the INFORSE network have an opportunity to apply for funding for activities in the field of sustainable energy from the South-South-North Co-operation Fund (SSN).

The fund is hosted by the INFORSE Secretariat at the Forum for Energy and Development (FED) in Denmark.

Apparently, many of the members are not aware of this opportunity, since the Secretariat has only received very few applications for funding in 2000. Therefore, we encourage INFORSE members to submit applications.

The main objective of the fund is to give INFORSE members economic assistance to develop project ideas and to prepare projects in the field of renewable energy.

SSN will give priority to projects where INFORSE members plan to cooperate. In this way, members can learn from each other, share experiences, develop ideas, and otherwise work together. Thereby, this will strengthen the INFORSE network. The co-operation can be between members from the same country, as well as, it can be South-South, or South-North co-operation.

Application Form Available

The Secretariat has developed an application format available via e-mail, fax, and postal mail.

The application is not supposed to be very extensive. It must contain basic information about the applying organizations; the problem that the NGO is addressing; the objectives, the activities, the beneficiaries, and the other stakeholders. Finally, it must include a budget.

If a NGO has any questions about the required information, it is most welcome to discuss them with the Secretariat.

Apply Year Round

The SSN will be able to spend about 13,000 US$ in 2001. The responsibility of the members receiving funds is to implement the activities and to report on activities carried out as well as on the project’s finances. There is no deadline for submitting applications to the Fund. The FED executive board will discuss applications on a quarterly basis.

Assistance in Formulating Application

INFORSE members should also be aware that the Secretariat can assist members in formulating project applications to donors for support of any type of energy activity. As a point of departure, NGOs will write a draft project proposal. The FED will comment on it and discuss with the owner of the proposal whether the FED thinks that part of the application should be changed.

More Info: INFORSE Secretariat/FED,
Blegdamsvej 4 B. 1st Fl, DK-2200,
Copenhagen N, Denmark.
Ph: +45 35247715, fax: +4535247717,

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