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There are many different ways to approach the problem of poor nutrition, because many different things help cause the problem. You and your community must consider the possible actions you might take and decide which are most likely to work.

Here are a few examples of ways to improve nutrition. These suggestions can help you grow more food or different kinds of food, or store it better so the food does not spoil. Some of these examples bring quick results. Others work over a longer time.

Some ways people can improve their nutrition

Family gardens

Community gardens

Rotation of crops

Every other planting season, plant a crop that returns strength to the soil - like beans, peas, lentils, alfalfa, peanuts, or some other plant with seeds in pods (legumes or pulses).


Try to grow a variety of foods. That way, even if one crop fails there will still be something to eat.


Contour ditches prevent the soil from washing away.

Food cooperatives

The community can buy large amounts of food at lower prices.

Fish breeding

Natural fertilizers

Better food storage