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View the document7.1 Warm-up exercise: what kind of negotiator are you?
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7.1 Warm-up exercise: what kind of negotiator are you?


Time required: 45 minutes


This exercise is to help participants recall and share experiences with negotiation.


Ask participants to think about some personal experiences they have had with negotiating. Suggest that they ask themselves some questions about each experience using the questions listed on the next page or other questions that may occur to them.

After giving participants a few minutes to read and answer the questions, divide them into small groups of about five people. Give them about 30 minutes for the discussion.

When the small groups reconvene, ask for any patterns or insights that surfaced during the discussions.

1. Have you ever...

· Bargained with a boss for a raise in pay, a better office location, or other improvements in working conditions?

· Gone over someone's head or by-passed normal channels to get reservations for a concert or play, tickets for an athletic event, or improved seating on an airplane or train?

· Pressed for more information when listening to a sales presentation?

· Hesitated to ask questions because you did not want to be seen as uninformed?

· In a personal relationship, tolerated abusive behaviour from another person because you:

- felt uncomfortable confronting the person,

- felt you might not be able to express yourself properly, or

- didn't want to hurt the other person's feelings even though that persons actions were hurting you?

2. Select one of the questions that you answered yes and answer the following questions about it.

What was the situation?


What do your responses to the situation say about you as a negotiator?


How would you describe your relationship with the other person following the situation?