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ac asbestos cement
AIT Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok (Thailand)
Al aluminium
ASTRA Centre for Application of Science and Technology for Rural
Areas, Bangalore (India)
AT appropriate technology
ATDO Appropriate Technology Development Organization, Islamabad (Pakistan)


BASIN Building Advisory Service Information Network
BRE Building Research Establishment, Garston (U.K.)


C concrete grade (compressive strength in N/mm2)
CaCO3 calcium carbonate (limestone, chalk, etc.)
CaMg(CO3)2 dolomitic limestone
CaO calcium oxide (quicklime)
Ca(OH)2 calcium hydroxide (hydrated or slaked lime)
CAS Cements and Binders Advisory Service
CaSO4 calcium sulphate (anhydrite gypsum)
CaSO4·2H2O calcium sulphate di-hydrate (gypsum)
CaSO4·1/2H2O calcium sulphate hemi-hydrate (Plaster of Paris)
CBRI Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee (India)
Cd cadmium
CEB Compressed Earth Block
CEMAT Centro de Estudios Mesoamericanos sobre Tecnologia Apropiada, Guatemala
CETA Centro de Experimentacion en Tecnologia Apropiada, Guatemala
CFI Commonwealth Forestry Institute, Oxford (U.K.)
CH4 methane
C3H8 propane
C4H10 butane
CIBAM Centro de Investigacion de Bamboo y Madera, Bogota (Colombia)
CINVA Centro Interamericano de Vivienda, Bogota (Colombia)
CNSL cashew nut shell liquid
CO2 carbon dioxide
Cr chromium
CRATerre International Center for Earth Construction, Ecole d'Architecture de Grenoble EAG (France)
CRDI Ceramic Research and Development Institute, Bandung (Indonesia)
CRI Cement Research Institute of India
CTA Centro de Tecnologia Apropiada, Asuncion (Paraguay)
Cu copper
CWPC cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire prestressed concrete


DDT dichlor-diphenyl-trichlorethane
DESWOS Deutsche Entwicklungshilfe fur soziales Wohnungs- und Siedlungswesen e. V., Koln
(Federal Republic of Germany)
DW Development Workshop, Toronto (Canada) and Fumel (France)


EAS Earth Building Advisory Service


FAS Fibre Concrete Roofing Advisory Service (SKAT, St. Gall, Switzerland) (new:RAS)
FC fibre concrete
FCR fibre concrete roofing
FEB Forschungslabor fur Experitnentelles Bauen, Gesamthochschule Kassel (Federal Republic of Germany)
FPRDI Forest Products Research and Development Institute, Los Banos, Laguna (Philippines)


GATE German Appropriate Technology Exchange, Eschborn (Federal Republic of Germany)
gci galvanized corrugated iron
ggbfs ground granulated blast furnace slag


HBRI Housing & Building Research Institute, Dhaka (Bangladesh)
H2O water


IFIC International Ferrocement Formation Centre, AIT, Bangkok (Thailand)
IFT Institut fur Tropenbau, Starnberg (Federal Republic of Germany)
IL Institut fur leichte Flachentragwerke, Universitat Stuttgart (Federal Republic of Germany)
IPT Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
ITDG Intermediate Technology Development Group, Rugby / London (U.K.)
ITW Intermediate Technology Workshops, Cradley Heath (U.K.)


KVIC Khadi Village Industries Commission, Bombay (India)


MgO magnesium oxide
MC Micro concrete
MCR Micro concrete roofing


NBO National Buildings Organization, New Dehli (India)
NBRI National Building Research Institute, Karachi (Pakistan)
NBRI National Building Research Institute, Pretoria (South Africa)
Ni nickel


OPC ordinary portland


Pb lead
PBFC portland blast furnace cement
PCP pentachlorphenol
PCSTR Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
pfa pulverized fuel ash (fly ash)
PI plasticity index
PREVI Proyecto Experimental de Vivienda, Peru
PVC polyvinyl chloride


RAS Roofing Advisory Service (former FAS)
RCC reinforced cement concrete
RHA rice husk ash
RRL Regional Research Laboratory, Jorhat (India)


SADEL Swedish Association for Development of Low-cost Housing, Lund (Sweden)
SENA Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje, Bogota (Colombia)
SERC Structural Engineering Research Centre, Madras / Roorkee (India)
SHAM Housing Society for the Amazon State, Brazil
SKAT Swiss Centre for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management, St. Gall (Switzerland)
Sn tin


UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna (Austria)
UNATA Union for Adapted Technological Assistance, Ramsel-Herselt (Belgium)


WAS Wall Building Advisory Service


Zn zinc