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close this bookCase Study Research - A Model of Best Practice at Loreto Day School, Sealdah, Calcutta - Occasional paper No.1 (DFID, 1998, 36 p.)
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View the document1. Researcher's Preface
View the document2. Executive Summary
close this folder3. Case Profile
View the document3.1. A Description of Loreto Day School, Sealdah
View the document3.2. Option for the Poor
View the document3.3. Rainbow School
View the document3.4. Rural Child-to-Child Programme
View the document3.5. Barefoot Teacher Training Programme (BTTP)
View the document3.6. Feeding Scheme
View the document3.7. Other Programmes and Projects
View the document3.8. The Values and Ethos of the School
close this folder4. Best Practice
View the document4.1. Reflections on 'best practice'
View the document4.2. A Set of 'Best Practice' Criteria Arising from a Study of Loreto Sealdah
close this folder4.3. Characteristics of Best Practice at Loreto Sealdah
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View the document4.3.1. Shared Vision
View the document4.3.2. Freedom and Responsibility
View the document4.3.3. Change and Stability
View the document4.3.4. A Sense of Wonder
View the document4.3.5. Meaningful and Challenging Goals
View the document4.4. Towards a Model of Best Practice
close this folder5. Critical Issues
View the document5.1. Rival Hypotheses of Best Practice
View the document5.2. Challenging Common Myths about Schooling
View the document6. Implications of the Study
View the document7. Appendix 1: Research Methodology
View the document8. Bibliography