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close this bookHow to Act after Accidents caused by Electrical Current - Course: Basic skills and knowledge of electrical engineering. Instruction examples for practical vocational training (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 15 p.)
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Instruction Example 1.2. Immediate Measures after an Accident Caused by Electric Current

Practising of the immediate measures in order to be able to render prompt and safe help after an accident caused by electric current.


Drinking water
Bicarbonate of soda
Receptacle holding 1 l
Tablespoon or measuring jug of equal volume

Required basic knowledge

Effects of electric current on human organism.
Knowledge of the measures which have to be taken.

Sequence of actions


1. Rescuing of the injured person.

Disconnect the fault-current circuit! Protect yourself!

2. Examine the injured person.

Heart activity! Respiration! Further signs of life! Further injuries!

3. Alkalinization.

Prepare an alkalinization solution.

4. Put the injured person in coma position.

Coma position on right side! In the case of injuries on the right side of the body, use left coma position!

5. Prepare for mouth-to-mouth respiration.

Open the mouth of the injured person. Clean the oral cavity (only suggest). Bend the head of the injured person backwards.

6. Carry out mouth-to-mouth respiration.

Only mention briefly.

7. Call medical help.

Inform the medical staff about: The kind of accident, the first aid measures that have already been taken.

8. Preparation of the transportation of the injured person for further medical treatment.

The injured person must be able to be transported: Blood circulation functions, respiration functions, no critical injuries!

9. Securing of the place of accident.

The place of accident must be secured in such a way that no further accidents may happen.

Immediate measures after an accident caused by electric current