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Block diagram

The block diagram represents the simplified circuit. Only the essential parts are taken into consideration. The devices are copied by means of rectangles or squares and properly marked.


Terminal diagram

The terminal diagram represents the electrical connection between the devices. Thus it allows the exchange of products, devices and parts of devices. The components are represented with the corresponding lines, junctions and terminal designations.


Circuit diagram

The circuit diagram is the detailed representation of a circuit. It represent the operating method of an electrical system or of single devices. The devices are drawn in their basic setting and in dead condition.


9.1. Battery Charge

General wiring-diagram

Battery charger 6/12 V switchable

Battery charger 6/12 switchable with built-in charge indicator lamp and measuring instrument

9.2. Ignition Systems

Battery-ignition systems

General wiring diagram

Transistorized ignition systems

General wiring diagram

Variants of transistorized ignition systems (A)

Variants of transistorized ignition systems (B)

Transistorized ignition (Bosch)

9.3. Starting Aid for Diesel Engines

Terminal diagram of a preheating system

1 glow-plug and starter switch, 2 glow-plug indicator, 3 ballast resistor, 4 glow plugs

Preheating with automatic re-annealing after starting

1 headlamp-ignition switch, 2 glow-plug and starter switch, 3 contactor, 4 charge indicator lamp (as glow-plug indicator), 5 resistor, 6 time-delay switch, 7 starter

9.4. Turn-signal Flasher

Turn-signal flasher with two turn-signal lamps and indicator lamp

Turn-signal flasher with three turn-signal lamps and turn-signal lamp

Turn-signal flasher with three turn-signal lamps and two turn-signal lamps