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close this bookDrought and Famine - 1st edition (DHA/UNDRO - UNDP, 1992, 52 p.)
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After reading and completing the exercises in this part of the module, you will be able to:

· differentiate the drought and famine roles of various UN agencies, national governments, NGOs and donors

· understand potential new roles for the UN in famines which involve civil conflict and intense political consideration

· specify how and when rehabilitation programs should be established


Famines are, in theory, preventable but they require significant organizational resources. A large number of international, national, and local organizations exist and are necessary to combat famines and alleviate suffering. The system by which the international community and national governments respond to developing famines is extremely complex and not well formalized. The following section describes the roles of national governments, the UN system, and NGOs in providing relief and rehabilitation.