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close this bookVoices from Africa - Issue No. 10 - NGO Responses to HIV/AIDS (NGLS, 2001, 121 p.)
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View the documentPrivate and Community-Based HIV/AIDS Approaches in Burkina Faso, by Marie Rose Sawadogo
View the documentPreventing HIV/AIDS in Morocco, by Issam Moussaoui
View the documentHuman Rights: Living with AIDS in Mozambique, by Adriano Rostino Matsinhe
View the documentIncome-Generating Activities: An Experiment in Senegal, by Patricia Diam and Angèle Zo Angono
View the documentThe Media in Senegal: A Decisive Role, by Daouda Diouf
View the documentLessons From the Front: NGOs and the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in South Africa, by Brian Williams, Eleanor Gouws, Janet Frohlich, Catherine Campbell and Catherine MacPhail
View the documentFurther Stigmatization, Discrimination and Denial in Uganda, by Sophia Mukasa Monico
View the documentCongregational Breakdown and HIV/AIDS Among Rural Zambia’s Salvation Army, by Thebisa Chaava
View the documentAIDS Education and Prevention in Zimbabwe’s Transport Sector, by Moses Chingono
View the documentBeing Positive About AIDS in Zimbabwe, by Keith Goddard
close this folderNGO and Community Responses to HIV/AIDS, by Leiliane M’Boa, Aristide Kacou, Mariette Wandandi, Samuel Lijalem Hassan, Victor Kamanga, Dora Ofobrukweta, Regina Clement Akpan, Anne Fiedler and Esther Guzha
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View the documentCôte d’Ivoire: Caring for Orphans
View the documentDemocratic Republic of the Congo: Bearing Witness
View the documentEthiopia: Letter From an HIV/AIDS Counsellor
View the documentMalawi: Access to Treatment
View the documentNigeria: Working with Prison Communities
View the documentUganda: Educating Youth about HIV/AIDS
View the documentZimbabwe: Providing Home-Based Care
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View the documentPoverty: At the Root of Southern Africa’s AIDS Epidemic, by Sam L.J. Page
View the documentCommunity Organizations and the AIDS Response, by Moustapha Gueye
View the documentNAP+: The People’s Own Voice, by Milly Katana
View the documentReducing African Women’s Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, by Salimata Niang
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Ang Zo Angono is a social worker with SIDA Service in Senegal.

Catherine Campbell is a Reader in Social Psychology at the London School of Economics, and Co-Investigator of the Carletonville-Mothusimpilo Project in South Africa.

Thebisa Chaava is with the Salvation Army in Zambia.

Moses Chingono is with the National Employment Council for the Transport Operating Industry (NECTOI) in Zimbabwe.

Patricia Diam is a social worker at Centre de Promotion de la Santn Senegal.

Daouda Diouf works at Environnement, Dloppement et Action (ENDA) in Senegal.

Anne Fiedler is with the Straight Talk Foundation, based in Uganda.

Janet Frohlich is Project Director for the Vaccine Preparedness Study at the Medical Research Council based in South Africa.

Keith Goddard is Programmes Manager of the organization Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ).

Eleanor Gouws is Principal Investigator for the Vaccine Preparedness Study, and Senior Statistician at the Medical Research Council based in South Africa.

Moustapha Gueye is Director of the African Council of AIDS Service Organizations (AfriCASO) in Senegal.

Milly Katana is Project Manager of the Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (NAP+) in Uganda, and Board Member of the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+).

Catherine MacPhail is a Social Scientist at the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research, and is associated with the Carletonville-Mothusimpilo Project in South Africa.

Adriano Rostino Matsinhe is President of Kindlimuka, an association of people living with AIDS in Mozambique,

Sophia Mukasa Monico is Chief Executive Officer of The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) in Uganda.

Salimata Niang is with the Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, based in Senegal.

Sam L.J. Page is with African Farmers’ Organic Research and Training, based in Zimbabwe.

Marie Rose Sawadogo is Executive Director of the Private and Community-based HIV/AIDS Control Initiative in Burkina Faso.

Brian Williams is Principal Investigator of the Carletonville-Mothusimpilo Project, and Divisional Fellow at the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research based in South Africa.

Other contributors include:

Regina Clement Akpan is Project Manager of the Life Link Organisation, based in Nigeria.

Esther Guzha is Chief Counsellor at The Centre, a Zimbabwean AIDS Service Organisation.

Samuel Lijalem Hassan is Information Management Officer at the Christian Development Relief Association (CRDA) in Ethiopia.

Aristide Kacou is Project Coordinator of Lumi Action, based in Cd’Ivoire.

Victor Kamanga is National Coordinator of the Malawi Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (MANET+).

Leiliane M’Boa is General Secretary of Lumi Action in Cd’Ivoire, and Secretary of the West African Section of the Rau Africain de Personnes vivant avec le VIH (RAP+).

Dora Ofobrukweta is Project Manager of the Life Link Organisation in Nigeria.

Mariette Wandandi is founder of the People Affected by HIV/AIDS Organization (PAHO), based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.