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close this bookIncome Generation Schemes for the Urban Poor (Oxfam, 1990, 144 p.)
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close this folderPart I - Poverty and interventions
View the document1.1 Introduction
View the document1.2 The urban poor
View the document1.3 The interveners
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close this folderPart II - Some key issues in income generation interventions
View the document2.1 Introduction
View the document2.2 Balancing economic and social objectives
View the document2.3 The nature of the economic goal: profits and wages
View the document2.4 Preparing to support income generation
View the document2.5 The development of participant responsibility and initiative: real participation
View the document2.6 Income generation interventions with women
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close this folderPart III - Guidelines on business organisation
View the document3.1 Introduction
View the document3.2 Appraising new income generation investments: feasibility studies
View the document3.3 The management of economic activities
View the document4.4 Financial management and accountancy procedures
View the documentConclusions
close this folderPart IV - General guidelines for interveners
View the document4.1 Introduction
View the document4.2 Issues in supporting group initiatives for income generation
View the document4.3 Working with very small or individual enterprises
View the document4.4 Supporting income generation
View the document4.5 Income generation in a wider context
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