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close this bookMaking of Parquetry - Course: Timberwork techniques. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 14 p.)
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2. Tools for Laying Parquet Floor

The below mentioned tools relate to the laying of premanufactured parquetry only.

The making of parquetry-fillets, elements, etc. requires special wood processing machines.

The following working means are required for laying different kinds of parquet floors:

Measuring, marking and testing instruments

- Folding rule, pencil
- Flat and try squares
- Pipe-level
- Water-level
- String

Tools for parquet laying

- Hand saws
- Hammers
- Nail tongs
- Plane
- Nail punch
- Mallet
- Abrasive paper
- Files
- Tow hooks

Tools for preparing the subfloor, as well as for applying the adhesive and the sealer coat

- Broom
- Putty knife (pushing) Putty knife (drawing)
- Brush
- Paint roller

Other equipment

- Grinding machine
- Cans and buckets for adhesive and sealer coat storage and processing
- Carpenter’s bench
- Protective clothing (knee protection)