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close this bookSourcebook of Alternative Technologies for Freshwater Augmentation in East and Central Europe (UNEP-IETC, 1998)
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View the documentForeword
close this folderPart A - Introduction
View the document1. Background
View the document2. Definitions
View the document3. Methodology
View the document4. Results of the survey
View the document5. Organization of the Source Book
close this folderPart B - Alternative technologies
close this folder1. Freshwater augmentation technologies
View the document1.1 Drip-irrigation system
View the document1.2 Non-invasive renewal (enlarging) of pipes
View the document1.3 Non-invasive renovation of pipes
View the document1.4 Collection and reuse of stormwater
View the document1.5 Rainwater and snowmelt collection
View the document1.6 Runoff collection using surface structures
View the document1.7 Rational dosing of washing powder
View the document1.8 Lining of solid waste disposal sites
View the document1.9 Use of clear minewater
View the document1.10 Computer modelling of the water supply system management
View the document1.11 Efficient water use in small hydropower plants
close this folder2. Water quality improvement technologies
View the document2.1 Desalination of minewater
View the document2.2 Remediation of polluted groundwater
View the document2.3 Lake rehabilitation
View the document2.4 Biofiltration
close this folder3. Wastewater treatment technologies and reuse
View the document3.1 Ozone (electro-plasma) wastewater treatment
View the document3.2 Denitrification of wastewater
View the document3.3 Treatment of the wastewater from a coking plant
View the document3.4 Food industry wastewater treatment
View the document3.5 Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment
View the document3.6 Treatment of wastewater the sugar industry
View the document3.7 Lemna-based wastewater treatment system
View the document3.8 Land treatment using trees
View the document3.9 Hydrobotanical or wetland treatment
View the document3.10 Activated sludge wastewater treatment
View the document3.11 Microbiological wastewater treatment
View the document3.12 Packaged wastewater treatment plants
View the document3.13 Oxidation and stabilization ponds
View the document3.14 Water recycling in the galvanic metals industry
View the document3.15 Recycling of wastewater in the transportation industry
View the document3.16 Recycling of water in the power generation industry
View the document3.17 Irrigation with diluted liquid manure
View the document3.18 Reuse of cooling water for fish farming
View the document3.19 Reuse of wastewater for irrigation of a snail farm
close this folder4. Water conservation
View the document4.1 Environmental labelling of water-saving products
View the document4.2 Water-saving fixtures
View the document4.3 Water meters
View the document4.4 TV inspections
close this folderPart C - Case studies
View the document5.1 Environmental education campaign - "Washing May Be Cheaper"
View the document5.2 Biotechnology-based wastewater treatment
View the document5.3 Beaver reintroduction
close this folderPart D - Annex
View the documentTable of conversion factors for metric and U.S. Customary Units
close this folderPart E - Institutional profiles
View the documentThe UNEP Water Branch
View the documentThe Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (IEIA)