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Gate publications

GATE/GTZ: Postbox 5180, D-6236 Eschborn. Publications with ISBN-Number may be ordered directly from: Friedr. Vieweg & Sohn GmbH, P.O.Box 300944, D-5090 Leverkusen 3, Germany.

Andreas Drews: Information Sources on Sustainable Agriculture in the Third World.

GATE, Eschborn 1992, 145 pp. DM 42.00.

The objective of this survey was to identify the NGOs in the Third World which keep databases on sustainable agriculture. Non-clectronic sources are included 91 noncommercial information sources were identified worldwide through a questionnaire distribution campaign. The publication lists and describes the organizations concerned, and the information services which they offer.

J.-M. Chapallaz, P. Eichenberger, G. Fischer: Manual on Pumps Used as Turbines. GATE/MHPG MHPG Series Harenessing Water Power on a Small Scale. Volume 11. GATE/Vieweg Eschborn/Braunschweig 1992.221 pp. DM 42.00. ISBN 3-528-02069-5

This manual gives a comprehensive and detailed account of the use of pumps as turbines (PAT) in micro-hydropower schemes. For many projects, the use of a standard pump as turbine may be an alternative with a considerable economic advantage and might therefore contribute to a broader application of micro hydropower.

J.-M. Chapallaz, J. Dos Ghali, P. Eichenberger, G. Fischer: Manual on Induction Motors Used as Generators. GATE/ Vieweg Eschborn/Braunschweig 1992. 213 pp. DM 42.00. ISBN 3-528-02068-7.

The handbook describes how an induction motor could be used as generator in the field of micro hydropower. Particular emphasis has been given on presenting a practical selection method for Induction Motors Used as Generators (IMAG). In addition, the manual covers all aspects related to the operation and control of the machine, safety and protection of electrical installations and its economic advantage in comparison with other types of generators for micro-hydropower schemes.